Biomathematics & Biophysics

Guillaume Bal
Applied Mathematics

Applied mathematics, partial differential equations with random coefficients, theory of inverse problems

Qiang Du
Applied Mathematics

Numerical analysis, mathematical modeling and scientific computation with selected applications in physical, biological, materials, data and information sciences

Latha Venkataraman
Applied Physics

Single-molecule transport and mechanics, electron transport at the nano-scale, x-ray photoemission spectroscopy

Chris H. Wiggins
Applied Mathematics

Applied mathematics, mathematical biology, biopolymer dynamics, soft condensed matter, genetic networks and network inference, machine learning
Nanfang Yu
Applied Physics

Nanophotonics, mid-infrared and far-infrared optics and optoelectronic devices, 2D and 1D designer optical structures, active plasmonics and meta-surfaces integrating gain and nonlinear media, quantum cascade lasers, infrared imaging and spectroscopy, biophysics: perception and control of infrared radiation by insects


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