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Columbia Video Network (CVN)

Columbia Video Network (CVN) is the graduate distance learning from Columbia University's School of Engineering and Applied Science. CVN's graduate degree programs are fully accredited by the Commission of Higher Education, a unit of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. All of CVN's graduate degrees are granted by Columbia University, and these degrees are identical to and indistinguishable from those earned by students on campus at Columbia University.

Students can currently earn an M.S. degree in applied physics, applied mathematics, or materials science.

Students can earn a certificates in applied mathematics, materials science, or nanotechnology.

One-Term Special

This category exists primarily for two kinds of students:

  • Those who are interested in a particular field, but are uncertain if they would like to complete an entire degree program.
  • Those who have begun the application process but need more time to fulfill all application requirements.

One-term special students are allowed to register for a maximum of six graduate credits. Students who take courses through the one-term special and who later matriculate are usually allowed to apply those credits to their graduate engineering degree program with faculty approval. Before registration confirm that the courses will be applicable to that program.

Registration for one-term special students generally takes place within the first week of registration for the given term. Students interested in applying to the one-term special program must come to the Office of Graduate Student Affairs, Room 530 Mudd, 500 West 120th Street, to complete the One-Term Special Application and to submit the appropriate application fee. For additional information on this program you may call (212) 854-6456 or e-mail

While a student's academic performance in the two courses completed at Columbia will be taken into account, since admission to the program is competitive, one-term special students can not be guaranteed admission.

For more information, please see: SEAS Special Non-Degree Status

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