Earth & Climate

 Mark A. Cane
Applied Mathematics

Climate dynamics; impacts of climate on society; climate forecasting; physical oceanography; geophysical fluid dynamics; computational fluid dynamics

Kyle Mandli
Applied Mathematics

Computational and analytical aspects of geophysical problems dealing with shallow mass; Development of adaptive mesh re finement strategies for geophysics; Design and implementation of wave propagation software
Lorenzo M. Polvani
Applied Mathematics

Atmospheric and climate dynamics, geophysical fluid dynamics, numerical methods for weather and climate modeling, planetary atmospheres


Christopher H. Scholz
Applied Mathematics

Tectonophysics, experimental and theoretical rock mechanics, especially friction, fracture, hydraulic transport properties, nonlinear systems, mechanics of earthquakes and faulting
Tiffany Shaw
Applied Mathematics

Atmospheric and climate dynamics, geophysical fluid dynamics, wave-mean flow interaction, the coupling between moisture and the large-scale circulation

Adam H. Sobel
Applied Mathematics

Atmospheric and climate dynamics, tropical meteorology, extreme weather
Marc W. Spiegelman
Applied Mathematics

Advanced computation for multi-physics problems with applications to coupled fluid-solid mechanics in Earth Sciences (e.g. magma dynamics, carbon sequestration)

Michael Tippett
Applied Mathematics

Predictability and variability of the climate system, with emphasis on the application of statistical methods to data from observations and numerical models



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