Grain Structures in Films

William E. Bailey
Materials Science and Engineering

Nanoscale magnetic films and heterostructures, materials issues in spin-polarized transport, materials engineering of magnetic dynamics
Katayun Barmak
Materials Science and Engineering

Processing and structure (crystal structure and microstructure) relationships to electrical and magnetic properties of metal films; developing transmission electron microscopy automated orientation imaging techniques that can be applied to the study of nanostructured materials; use of differential scanning calorimetry for the study solid state reactions and phase transformations in thin films.
Siu-Wai Chan
Materials Science and Engineering

Metal oxides, crystal-size-related structural changes and properties in nanoparticles, thin films, grain boundaries and interfaces as well as their corresponding electrical properties

James Im
Materials Science and Engineering

Laser-induced crystallization of thin films, phase transformations & nucleation in condensed systems

I. Cevdet Noyan
Materials Science and Engineering

Characterization and modeling of mechanical and micromechanical deformation; residual stress analysis and nondestructive testing; x-ray and neutron diffraction, microdiffraction analysis


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