Siu-Wai Chan
Materials Science and Engineering

Metal oxides, crystal-size-related structural changes and properties in nanoparticles, thin films, grain boundaries and interfaces as well as their corresponding electrical properties
Irving P. Herman
Applied Physics

Nanocrystals, optical spectroscopy of nanostructured materials, laser diagnostics of thin film processing, mechanical properties of nanomaterials
Chris A. Marianetti
Materials Science and Engineering

Predicting materials properties from first-principles computations; materials with energy related applications; density-functional theory; dynamical mean-field theory; transition-metal oxides; actinides, energy storage and conversion materials

Richard M. Osgood, Jr.
Applied Physics

Integrated optical devices and design; Surface physics of oxides, 2-D materials, and semiconductors; New laser source; Advanced oxides; and Optical physics and simulation
Aron Pinczuk
Applied Physics

Spectroscopy of semiconductors & insulators, quantum structures, systems of reduced dimensions, atomic layers of graphene, electron quantum fluids
Michael I. Weinstein
Applied Mathematics

Partial Differential Equations, applied analysis, dynamical systems, waves and multiscale phenomena in inhomogeneous, nonlinear and random media

Yuan Yang
Materials Science and Engineering

Developing nanostructured materials for batteries and thermal management


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