Plasma Physics Colloquium

The Plasma Physics Colloquium meets on selected Friday afternoons during the academic year, from 2:00-3:00 PM, in Room 214 Mudd.

Spring 2015

Francesca Turco, Columbia University / General Atomics
"Modelling and Experimenting with ITER: the MHD Challenge"
Host: Francesco Volpe
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Ady Hershcovitch, BNL
"Plasma Physics R&D for Some non-Fusion Physics & Industrial Applications"
Host: Francesco Volpe
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Alexander Fridman, Drexel University
"Plasma Medicine: Fundamentals and Applications"
Host: Francesco Volpe

Maurizio A. Ottaviani, CEA IRFM
"The flux coordinates independent (FCI) approach to plasma turbulence simulations"
Host: Michael Mauel

Stewart Prager, PPPL
"Fusion and Plasma Research at the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory"
Host: Francesco Volpe

Francesco Paolo Orsitto, ENEA Frascati, Italy
"DEMO Design and Diagnostics: a Summary of the Studies in EU"
Host: Francesco Volpe
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Francesco Paolo Orsitto, ENEA Frascati, Italy
"A Short Overview of the Research Plan of the Tokamak JT60SA"
Host: Francesco Volpe
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Ed Synakowski, U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)
"Leading Challenges and Scientific Transformation in the Fusion Sciences"
Host: Michael Mauel

Steven A. Sabbagh, Columbia University/PPPL
"Global MHD Mode Stabilization for Disruption Avoidance in Tokamaks"
Host: Francesco Volpe

Jeremy Hanson, Columbia University/General Atomics
"Measuring and controlling resistive wall mode stability on DIII-D"
Host: Francesco Volpe

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