Research Conference

The Research Conference meets every Friday morning, when classes are in session, from 9:15-10:15 a.m. in room 214 Mudd. Faculty presentations take place during the fall semester and graduate student presentation take place during the spring semester.

Spring 2018 Coordinator: Alexander L. Gaeta

1/26/18 - no seminar

2/2/18 - no seminar

2/9/18 (9:45 AM - Special Time)
John Brooks, Plasma Physics, Prof. Michael Mauel’s Group
"Active control of plasma mode rotation in Tokamaks"

2/16/18 - no seminar

Dr. Giacomo Lovat, Solid state Physics, Prof. Latha Venkataraman Group
"Electronic structure and charge transport in N-heterocyclic carbenes on Au.

Prof. Guy Stella, Biological Sciences
"The causes of quantitative genetic variation"

Zane Martin, Atmospheric Science, Prof. Adam Sobel's Group
"Modeling the Interaction of the MJO and QBO"
Bernard Lipat, Atmospheric Science, Profs. George Tselioudis & Lorenzo Polvani's Groups
"Timescales of climate changes"

3/16/1 - no seminar (Spring Break)

3/23/18 - no seminar 

Shaowen Chen, Physics, Cory Dean's Group
"Gate defined structures in graphene"
Yi Lin, Solid State Physics, Prof. Richard Osgood's Group
"Unoccupied states in oxygen-intercalated quasi-free-standing graphene on Ir(111)"


Shangmin Xiong, Materials Science & Engineering, Prof. I.C. Noyan's Group
"The nanodiffraction problem"
Mehmet Hazar Seren, Materials Science & Engineering, Prof. I.C. Noyan's Group
"Evaluation of critical length via Saint Venant's Principle for Residual Stress Measurement"

Jyotirmoy Mandal, Applied Physics, Prof. Yuan Yang's Group
"Using the Sky to Cool Man-Made Structures - A Return to Polymers and Simplicity"
E-Dean Fung, Solid State Physics, Prof. Latha Venkataraman's Group
"Charge transport in single-molecule junctions in electrochemical environment"


Mel Abler, Plasma Physics, Prof. Michael Mauel's Group
"Experimental Studies of 2D Turbulence in a Laboratory Dipole Plasma"
Speaker #2 TBD

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