Medical Physics Part-Time M.S. Program


Part-time students may experience scheduling delays because some required courses must be taken in sequence and are only offered once a year. Many of the courses are given in the late afternoon or in the evening to facilitate part-time study, but practicums and the Tutorial require day-time commitment.


The priority deadline for applications for part-time study is February 15. Applications received by June 30 will be considered on a space-available basis.

For more information, please see Graduate Student Affairs

One-Term Special

This category exists primarily for two kinds of students:

  • Those who are interested in a particular field, but are uncertain if they would like to complete an entire degree program.
  • Those who have begun the application process but need more time to fulfill all application requirements.

One-term special students are allowed to register for a maximum of six graduate credits. The six credits can either be taken within one term as two courses, or broken up into two terms with one course per term. However, under no circumstances will one-term special students be allowed to complete more than six graduate credits or two semesters of course work without the permission of the associate dean. Students who take courses as a one-term special student and who later matriculate are allowed to apply those credits to their degree program.

Registration for one-term special students generally takes place within the first three days of classes for the given term. Students interested in applying as one-term specials must come to the Office of Graduate Student Affairs, 530 S. W. Mudd, 500 West 120th Street to complete the One-Term-Special Application and to submit the appropriate application fee.

For additional information contact the Office of Graduate Student Services by e-mail or call 212-854-6438. To be eligible for consideration for subsequent admission as a degree candidate, such students must follow the course sequence requirements for part-time students and submit a complete application to the Office of Graduate Student Services.

While a student's academic performance in the two courses completed at Columbia will be taken into account, since admission to the Program is competitive, one-term special students can not be guaranteed admission.

Comprehensive Exam

A passing grade on a comprehensive examination is required for graduation. This examination, on subjects covered in the curriculum, is taken at the end of the program of study.

Part-Time Curriculum

Part-time students register for 1-3 courses per term.

All degree requirements must be completed within five years.



The remainder of the courses may be taken in any order, subject to availability and sequence.

Subsequent FALL TERMS


PRACTICUMS (2 required)

A grade of B+ or better in the co- or prerequisite course, adjusted at the discretion of the instructor, and permission of instructor and advisor are required for practicums. Students register for the practicum in the Fall or Spring term; the work for 2 of the 4 practicums may be done in the Summer.


  • APPH E6333x Radiation therapy
    (Prerequisites: Grade of B+ or better in APPH E6335, permission of the instructor and the advisor)
  • APPH E6340x Diagnostic radiology
    (Prerequisites: Grade of B+ or better in APPH E6330, permission of the instructor and the advisor)
  • APPH E6365x,y Nuclear medicine
    (Prerequisites: Grade of B+ or better in APPH E6319, permission of the instructor and the advisor)
  • APPH E6380x,y Health physics
    (Prerequisite: APPH E4501; Co-requisite: APPH E4500, permission of the instructor and the advisor)

ELECTIVES (3 pts. required)


  • APPH E4501y, two-week Medical Health Physics Tutorial taken at the end of May; students register in the Spring term.
  • Subject to availability: summer practicum(s) for which students will register in the Fall or Spring term.
  • Comprehensive Exam in August.

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