Plasma Physics

Allen H. Boozer
Applied Physics

Plasma theory, theory of magnetic confinement for fusion energy, nonlinear dynamics

Andrew J. Cole
Applied Physics

Plasma physics and nuclear fusion with p articular focus on: symmetry-breaking magnetic perturbations and their effect on plasma rotation in magnetically-confined fusion plasmas

Michael E. Mauel
Applied Physics

Controlling high-temperature matter in the laboratory and studying the behavior of magnetized plasma to predict space weather and to achieve cost-effective fusion energy
Gerald A. Navratil
Applied Physics

Plasma physics, plasma diagnostics, fusion energy science
Amiya K. Sen
Applied Physics

Plasma physics, fluctuations and anomalous transport in plasmas, control of plasma instabilities
Francesco A. Volpe
Applied Physics

Nanophotonics, mid-infrared and far-infrared optics and optoelectronic devices, 2D and 1D designer optical structures, active plasmonics and meta-surfaces integrating gain and nonlinear media, quantum cascade lasers, infrared imaging and spectroscopy, biophysics: perception and control of infrared radiation by insects


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