Research Conference 2017-2018

Fall 2017 Coordinator: Renata M. M. Wentzcovitch

Latha Venkataraman, Solid State Physics
“Single-Molecule Circuits with Inorganic Clusters”
Kyle Mandli, Applied Mathematics
"Computational Approaches to Storm Surge"

Renata Wentzcovitch, Materials Science & Engineering
“Ab initio simulations of planet forming minerals”
Nanfang Yu, Solid State Physics
"Flat Optics"

I. Cevdet Noyan
, Materials Science & Engineering
"Saint Venant’sPrinciple and its implications for Diffraction Strain Analysis"
Marc Spiegelman
, Applied Mathematics
"The ENKI project: integrating computational thermodynamics and geodynamics"

Lorenzo Polvani, Applied Mathematics
"Seasonal weather prediction for the North Atlantic and Eurasian sectors: disentangling El Nino from stratospheric sudden warmings"
Alexander Gaeta, Solid State Engineering
"Quantum Random Number Generation Using Nonlinear Photonics”

Yuan Yang
, Materials Science & Engineering
"Visualization and Rational Design of Electrolyte for Advanced Energy Storage"
Inigo Urteaga, Applied Mathematics
"The multi-armed bandit: from slot-machines to medicine"

Katayun Barmak, Materials Science & Engineering
"Interconnects Beyond Cu"
Irving Herman
, Solid State Physics
"Nanomaterials, Optics, and the TBoH"

Aron Pinczuk, Solid State Physics
“Artificial Semiconductor Nanostructures”
Simon Billinge, Materials Science & Engineering
"Materials have a genome? Who knew? And who cares?"

J. Thomas Vaughan, Biomedical Engineering in the Mortimer B. Zuckerman Mind Brain Behavior Institute 

“MR research at Columbia”
Oleg Gang, Solid State Physics / Chemical Engineering 

“Self-Assembled Nanoscale Systems: from Designed Phases to Targeted Functions”

Donsub Rim, Applied Mathematics
"Model reduction for hyperbolic problems: towards fast prediction of inundation patterns"
Adam Sobel
, Applied Mathematics
"Tropical intra-seasonal oscillations"

William Bailey, Materials Science & Engineering
Daniel Bienstock
, IEOR/Applied Mathematics
"Variance-reduction in electrical transmission"

No seminar (Thanksgiving Break)

Michael Tippett, Applied Mathematics
"Changes in the statistics of U.S. tornado reports"
Andrew Cole, Plasma Physics
"Boundary layers, shape, and tokamak stability"

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