SEAS Colloquium in Climate Science (SCiCS)

The SEAS Colloquium in Climate Science (SCiCS) meets on selected Thursday afternoons, during the academic year, in room 214 Mudd, from 2:45-3:45 PM (unless otherwise noted).

Spring 2016 Coordinator: Adam Sobel

Spring 2016

1/21/16 (12:00-2:00 PM, 555 Lerner Hall - Registration Required)
Extreme Weather and Climate Initiative
Paul O'Gorman, MIT
"Precipitation Extremes, Snowfall, and Convective Storms in a Warming Climate"
For more information, contact Hayley Martinez
2/2/16 (Tuesday)
Ed Gerber, Courant Institute, NYU
"What drives the Brewer-Dobson Circulation and its response to Global Warming?"
Host: Aditi Sheshadri
V. Balaji, Princeton/GFDL
"Why Do Climate Models Differ?"
Host: Aditi Sheshadri
Kevin Reed, Stonybrook University
"Global Tropical Cyclone Simulations of Varying Complexity"
Host: Allison Wing

"Sahel Rainfall Response to a Uniform Oceanic Warming"
Host: Shuguang Wang
3/31/15 (12:00-2:00 PM, 555 Lerner Hall - Registration Required)
Extreme Weather and Climate Initiative
Rebecca Morss, NCAR
"Communication, interpretation, and use of information about extreme weather risks: Hurricane Sandy and beyond"
For more information, contact Hayley Martinez
Robert Pincus, NOAA
"Why the past isn’t prolog: radiative forcing and climate change past, present, and future"
Host: Aditi Sheshadri
Daniel Stern, UCAR
"The Structure and Dynamics of Extreme Updrafts and Wind Speeds in Tropical Cyclones"
Host: Chia-Ying Lee
Tiffany Shaw, University of Chicago
"What can moist thermodynamics tell us about circulation shifts in response to uniform warming?"
Host: Aditi Sheshadri
Jie He, GFDL
"What Drives the Projection of Subtropical Precipitation Decline?"
Host: Katinka Bellomo
Louise Nuijens, MIT
"When shallow convection deepens and precipitates: rethinking the role of subsiding regions in large-scale circulations"
Host: Aiko Voigt
Timothy Merlis, McGill University ('06 Applied Math, Columbia University)
"Temperature-dependent vs. temperature-independent anthropogenic tropical cyclone changes"
Host: Aditi Sheshadri
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