SEAS Colloquium in Climate Science (SCiCS)

The SEAS Colloquium in Climate Science (SCiCS) meets on selected Thursday afternoons, during the academic year, in room 214 Mudd, from 2:45-3:45 PM (unless otherwise noted).

Fall 2015 Coordinator: Lorenzo Polvani
Spring 2016 Coordinator: Adam Sobel

8/26/15 (Wednesday, 4 PM, 210 Mudd)
Zhiyong Meng, Peking University
"A High-Impact Extreme Weather Event:
The Record-breaking Heavy Rainfall and Tornado on 21 July 2012 in Beijing, China"

Host: Shuguang Wang

Naftali Cohen, Yale University
"Perspectives on moist baroclinic instability: implications for the growth of monsoon depressions"
Host: Aditi Sheshadri

9/29/15 (Tuesday)
Dennis Hartmann, University of Washington
"Cloud Microphysics and Climate Dynamics"
Host: Aditi Sheshadri

Ying Li, Colorado State University
"Two way interactions between cloud radiative effects and large-scale climate variability"
Host: Allison Wing

Anand Gnanadesikan, John Hopkins University
"Southern Ocean climate change: Convective variability and anthropogenic forcing"
Host: Lorenzo Polvani

Pedram Hassanzadeh, Harvard University
"Blocking variability: Arctic Amplification versus Arctic Oscillation"
Host: Aditi Sheshadri

Pu Lin, Princeton University
"Understand climate changes in the tropical tropopause"
Host: Aditi Sheshadri

Brian Rose, University at Albany, SUNY
"Understanding the effects of ocean circulation on radiative feedbacks and the planetary energy budget”
Host: Allison Wing (LDEO)

11/10/15 (Tuesday, 12-2 PM, Faculty House: Registration Required)
Joint SCiCS & Extreme Weather and Climate Seminar
Radley Horton, Center for Climate Systems Research, Columbia University
"When 1+1=3; Applying a Joint Hazard Framework to Climate Risk Management"

Lucas Harris, GFDL
"Towards convection-resolving simulation in GFDL global models"
Host: Aditi Sheshadri

Thanksgiving Break - University Holiday

Tim Cronin, Harvard University
"Arctic Air Formation and Radiative-Advective Equilibrium"
Host: Aditi Sheshadri

1/21/16 - 12-2 PM, 555 Lerner Hall (Registration Required)
Joint SCiCS & Extreme Weather and Climate Seminar
Paul O'Gorman, MIT
Host: Aditi Sheshadri

V. Balaji, Princeton/GFDL
Title TBA
Host: Aditi Sheshadri

2/2/16 (Tuesday)
Ed Gerber, Courant Institute, NYU
Title TBA
Host: Aditi Sheshadri

Kevin Reed, Stonybrook University
Title TBA
Host: Allison Wing

Robert Pincus, NOAA
Title TBA
Host: Aiko Voigt

Tiffany Shaw, University of Chicago
Title TBA
Host: Aditi Sheshadri

Jie He, GFDL
Title TBA
Host: Katinka Bellomo

Timothy Merlis, McGill University ('06 Applied Math, Columbia University)
Title TBA
Host: Aditi Sheshadri

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