SEAS Colloquium in Climate Science (SCiCS)

The SEAS Colloquium in Climate Science (SCiCS) meets on selected Thursday afternoons, during the academic year, in room 214 Mudd, from 2:45-3:45 PM (unless otherwise noted).

Coordinator: Lorenzo Polvani

Christian Otto, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Resear ch 
"Modeling the propagation of disaster-induced losses in the global economic network:
The dynamic agent-based model acclimate"

Host: Adam Sobel

Special Time/Location: 2:00-4:00 PM - Registration Required
Social Hall, Union Theological Seminary, 3041 Broadway @121st
Robert Muir-Wood, Risk Management Solutions - RMS
"The Cure for Catastrophe – how we can stop manufacturing natural disasters"
Host: Adam Sobel

No Seminar (Spring Break)

Special day: Monday, 2:45 PM, 210 Mudd (APAM Conference Room)
Blaz Gasparini, Institute for Atmospheric and Climate Science - ETH
"Cirrus cloud formation mechanisms and geoengineering potential – could cirrus seeding limit part of the global warming?"
Host: Gabriel Chiodo

Isaac Held, Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory
"Some problems in Quasi-Geostrophic Dynamics"
Aditi Sheshadri

Shineng Hu, Yale University
Title TBA
Host: Shuguang Wang

Daven Henze, University of Colorado, Boulder
Host: Arlene Fiore

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