Student and Alumni Awards

Undergraduate Student Awards

Applied Physics Faculty Award

Awarded to an outstanding graduating senior in the applied physics program.

2017 Lauren Riddiford

2016 Richard Creswell

2015 Minyong Han

2014 Matthew Miecnikowski

2013 Dillon Liu

2012 Sky Cheung

2011 Daniel Cosson

2010 Seth Davidovits (SEAS Valedictorian)

2009 Michael Shulman

2008 Yoni Ben Tov & Dennis Boyle

2007 Stephanie Stattel

2006 Arthur Lipstein

2005 Mark Kendall

2004 Benjamin Chu

2003 Charles Lanks

2002 Jonathan Hodgers

2001 Daniel Herrmann

2000 Troy Abe

1999 Peter Leong

1998 Kolo Wamba

1997 Anna Domnich

1996 Dmitry Krylov

1995 Michael Koltonyuk

1994 Imand Jureidini

1993 Russell Singer

1992 Chester Eng

1991 David Jablonski

1990 Chinh Doan

1989 Eric Won

1988 Andrew Bazarko

1987 Kevin McGrattan

1986 Jay Jubas

Applied Mathematics Faculty Award

Awarded to an outstanding graduating senior in the applied mathematics program.

2017 Andreas Soto

2016 Dorcas Shih-Chia Huang

2015 Andrew Kaluzny (SEAS Salutatorian)

2014 Kui Tang

2013 Timothy Foreman

2012 William Neiswanger

2011 Kyler Siegel

2010 Wayne Shu

2009 Stanley Snelson (SEAS Salutatorian)

2008 Tian Xie

2007 Sohrab Shahshahani

2006 Isaac Greenbaum (SEAS Valedictorian)

2005 Bogdan Caprita

2004 Joon Meng Tan

2003 Ranbir Chowdhary

2002 Shen Li

2001 Lovell David Shao

2000 James Murphy

1999 Paul Czkwianianc

1998 Alex Goldman

1997 Walyand Oong and Jesse Perla

1996 Feryal Ozel

1995 Marshall Kuo

1994 Andrew Mogilyansky

1993 John Kuo

1992 Kara Lisi

1991 Itai Zukerman

1990 Gregory Schreiber

1989 Shawn Kolitch and David Senouf

1988 Patrick Lin

1987 Yong Shin

1986 no award

1985 no award

1984 Stanley Alaman

1983 Terrence Boult

1982 Louis Minion

1981 Balan Nair

1980 James Synder

Materials Science and Engineering: Francis B. F. Rhodes Prize

Established by Eben Erskine Olcott of the Engineering Class of 1874, in memory of his classmate, Francis Rhodes, School of Mines Class of 1874, this prize is awarded from time to time to the member of the graduating class in materials science and metallurgical engineering who shows the greatest proficiency in his or her course of study.

2017 Erica Yee

2016 Adam Michael Jaffe

2015 Joseph Eun

2014 Rohit Prasanna

2013 Annabel Chew

2012 Suraj Cheema

2011 Daniel Gledhill

2010 Grace Chen

2009 Vivek Singh

2008 Stephen Choy

2006 Emily Hwang

2005 Johannes Tan

2004 Shannon Ferguson

2003 Wendy Wing Yan Yip

2002 Papot Jaroenapibal

2000 Alexander Blair Papandrew

SEAS Valedictorian

2010 Seth Davidovits

2006 Isaac Greenbaum

SEAS Salutatorian

2016 Seth Olsen

2015 Andrew Kaluzny

2011 Michael Hao Wang

2009 Stanley Snelson

George Vincent Wendell Memorial Medal

Established in 1924 by the friends in the alumni and faculty of the late Professor George Vincent Wendell to honor and perpetuate his memory; a certificate and medal awarded annually by choice of the class and faculty to that member of the graduating class who best exemplifies his ideals of character, scholarship, and service.

2006 Timothy Merlis

Marshall Scholarship

2013 Dylan Liu

American Nuclear Society (ANS) Award

1987 Szelim Kong

1986 no award

1985 David Weber

1984 Raymond Powell

1983 no award

1982 Jeffrey Isaacson and Asjad Iqbal

1981 no award

1980 Nestor Teodor-Mazilu

1979 Elizabeth Selcow

1978 Thomas Morgan

1977 Robert Seth Goldberg

1976 Vincent Manno

1975 no award

1974 Craig Finnan

1973 John Valente

1972 no award

1971 Andrew Larson

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Graduate Student Awards

The Robert Simon Memorial Prize
for the Most Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation

The Robert Simon Memorial Prize is awarded annually by the Department of Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics to the graduate student who has completed the most outstanding dissertation. Should no graduate student’s dissertation qualify in any given year, the prize may be awarded to either the most outstanding student who has completed a master of science degree in the Department or to the most outstanding graduating senior in the Department. The Department chair in consultation with the Department faculty selects the awardee.

Robert Simon (December 25, 1919–February 11, 2001) received a B.A. degree cum laude in classics from the City College of New York in 1941, where he was elected to Phi Beta Kappa, and an M.A. in mathematics from Columbia University in 1949. Between 1941 and 1944, Mr. Simon was a lieutenant in the United States Armed Forces serving in England, France, and Italy. He participated in the D-Day operation as a navigator for a plane that dropped paratroopers in the vicinity of Omaha Beach. General Dwight Eisenhower personally shook his hand and wished him well the night before the D-Day assault.

Mr. Simon, who was born and lived in New York City, spent a lifetime making valuable contributions to the field of computer science. Starting in 1953, he worked for 15 years at Sperry's Univac Division in various capacities including marketing, planning, systems engineering, systems programming, and information services. He also spent a year working at the Fairchild Engine Division as director of the Engineering Computer Group. He personally directed the establishment of several company computer centers at sites throughout the United States. Between 1969 and 1973, he was a partner with American Science Associates, a venture capital firm. Mr. Simon was a founder and vice president of Intech Capital Corporation and served on its board from 1972 to 1981 and a founder and member of the board of Leasing Technologies International, Inc. from 1983 until his retirement in 1995.

The prize was established in 2001 by Dr. Jane Faggen with additional support from friends and relatives of Mr. Simon.

2017 James Lee-Thorp

2016  Brian Capozzi and Hande Öztürk

2015 John Dwyer

2014 Sriharsha Aradhya

2013 Monica Chahal

2012 Maria (Masha) Kamenetska

2011 Melinda Han

2010 Jeremy Hanson

2009 Ozgur Kalenci and Gideon Simpson

2008 Yongfeng Guan

2007 Remi Lefrancois

2006 Kui Ren

2005 Irene Dujovne

2004 Xuan Gao

2003 Charles Kerbage

2002 Mark Crowder

APAM Research Conference: Best Student Speaker Award

2012 Nikolaus Rath
"Magnetic Control of Perturbed Plasma Equilibria"

SIAM Outstanding Paper Prize
Xiaochuan Tian  (2016, with Qiang Du)

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Alumni Awards

American Physical Society (APS) Dawson Award
1996 Fred Levinton (Applied Physics Ph.D. 1983)
2007 Andrea Garofalo (Applied Physics Ph.D. 1997)

Department of Energy E.O. Lawrence Award
1998 Dan Cacuci (Applied Physics Ph.D. 1978)

Optical Society of America: R.W. Wood Prize

2007 Bahram Jalali (Applied Physics Ph.D. 1989)

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