2010 PhD Convocation

Eight APAM doctoral students celebrated their graduation during this year’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS) Convocation on May 15. The May 2010 Convocation is the first to be held on the South Lawn and the first in many years recognizing the graduating Ph.D.s from the entire University.

Our graduating Doctors of Philosophy included Aron Ahmadia (Advisor: D.E. Keyes), Melinda Han (Advisor: P. Kim), Yuan He (Advisor: D.E. Keyes), Rodolfo Hermans (Advisor: J.M. Fernandez), Abby Shaw-Krauss (Advisor: M.I. Weinstein), Rachel Steiner (Advisor: J.T. Yardley), Xiao  Wei (Advisor: A.K. Sen), and Sioan Zohar (Advisor: W.E. Bailey).

The faculty address was given by Prof. Walter Frisch (Department of Music), who encouraged graduates never to loose sight of their “First Loves” in research. (Prof.Frisch’s first love is the Broadway musical.) APAM’s own Prof. M.E. Mauel had the honor to be the first to congratulate the new Ph.D.s by announcing the names of the candidates at the Convocation.

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