2013 PhD Convocation

(left-right): Applied Physics (Plasma Physics) Ph.D. candidates pose with Prof. Michael Mauel after the Ph.D Convocation on Sunday, May 19, 2013. Congratulations APAM graduates!

Video: GSAS P.H.D. Convocation, South Lawn, May 19, 2013


David Goluskin
Shear flow driven by convection, and convection driven by internal heating.
Sponsors: Edward Spiegel and David Keyes

Clara Orbe

Applications of steady and transient tracers to the studies of stratosphere-troposhere exchange and tropospheric air mass composition.
Sponsor: Lorenzo Polvani

Neil Francis Tandon
What is driving changes in the tropospheric circulation? New insights from simplified models.
Sponsor: Lorenzo Polvani


Matthew Stiles Davis (Plasma Physics)
Measurements of the electron pressure in the levitated dipole experiment (LDX).
Sponsor: Michael Mauel

Jeffrey Peter Levesque (Plasma Physics)
Multimode structure of resistive wall modes near the ideal wall stability unit.
Sponsor: Michael Mauel

Nikolaus Rath
(Plasma Physics)
GPU-based, microsecond latency, hecto-channel MIMO feedback control of magnetically confined plasmas.
Sponsor: Michael Mauel

Daisuke Shiraki (Plasma Physics)
High-resolution MDH spectroscopy of external kinks in a tokamak plasma.
Sponsor: Michael Mauel

Matthew Wales Worstell (Plasma Physics)
Symmetry breaking and the inverse energy cascade in a plasma.
Sponsor: Michael Mauel


Monica Chahal (2013 Simon Prize Winner)
Mixed-phase solidification of thin silicon films on silicon dioxide.
Sponsor: James Im

Min Hwan Choi
Pulsed-laser-induced melting and solidification of thin metallic films.
Sponsor: James Im

Gabriel Seth Ganot
Laser crystallization of silicon thin films for three-dimensional integrated circuits.
Sponsor: James Im

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