2014-2015 PhDs


The APAM Department is proud to celebrate the accomplishments of eleven new Ph.D.s. We wish you the best in your future endeavors!

Arunabh Batra (Ph.D. '14 Applied Physics - Solid State Physics)
Advisor: Latha Venkataraman

Dissertation title: "The Effect of Electrode Coupling on Single Molecule Device Characteristics:
A X-Ray Spectroscopy and Scanning Probe Microscopy Study

Research interests: I am interested in the intersection of chemistry and physics at the nanoscale, particularly in understanding how we can use chemistry to design new functionality in electrical circuits. My research has focused on two techniques: first, creating electrical circuits out of single molecules using Scanning Tunneling Microscopy (STM), and second, using X-ray techniques to understand the interaction of molecules with metals. These two complementary techniques have enabled us to devise new designs for common circuit elements like diodes. Our ultimate aim is to harness the unique quantum properties of nanoscale junctions to design new functionality that has no analog in the classical world.

Current position: Consultant at Boston Consulting Group

Advisor comments: "Arun joined my research group in the spring of 2010 as an NSF pre-doctoral fellow. He worked on a two classes of experiments: single-molecule transport measurements as well as x-ray photoemission spectroscopy measurements, and carried out outstanding and creative work in both areas. It was a pleasure to have Arun working in my group."


Batra, A.; Cvetko, D.; Kladnik, G.; Adak, O.; Cardoso, C.; Ferretti, A.; Prezzi, D.; Molinari, E.; Morgante, A.; Venkataraman, L., “Probing the mechanism for graphene nanoribbon formation on gold surfaces through X-ray spectroscopy,” Chemical Science 5, 11, pp. 4419-4423 (2014)

Batra, A.; Kladnik, G.; Gorjizadeh, N.; Meisner, J.; Steigerwald, M.; Nuckolls, C.; Quek, S. Y.; Cvetko, D.; Morgante, A.; Venkataraman, L., “Trimethyltin-Mediated Covalent Gold–Carbon Bond Formation,”  Journal of the American Chemical Society 136, 36, pp. 12556-12559 (2014)

Batra, A.; Meisner, J. S.; Darancet, P.; Chen, Q.; Steigerwald, M. L.; Nuckolls, C.; Venkataraman, L., “Molecular diodes enabled by quantum interference,” Faraday discussions, 174, pp. 79-89 (2014)

Xia, J.; Capozzi, B.; Wei, S.; Strange, M.; Batra, A.; Moreno, J. R.; Amir, R. J.; Amir, E.; Solomon, G. C.; Venkataraman, L., “Breakdown of interference rules in azulene, a nonalternant hydrocarbon,” Nano letters, 14, 5, pp. 2941-2945 (2014)

Batra, A.; Darancet, P.; Chen, Q.; Meisner, J. S.; Widawsky, J. R.; Neaton, J. B.; Nuckolls, C.; Venkataraman, L., “Tuning rectification in single-molecular diodes,” Nano letters, 13, 12, pp. 6233-6237 (2013)

Kladnik, G.; Cvetko, D.; Batra, A.; Dell’Angela, M.; Cossaro, A.; Kamenetska, M.; Venkataraman, L.; Morgante, A., “Ultrafast Charge Transfer through Noncovalent Au–N Interactions in Molecular Systems,” The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 117, 32, pp. 16477-16482 (2013)

Batra, A.; Kladnik, G.; Vázquez, H.; Meisner, J. S.; Floreano, L.; Nuckolls, C.; Cvetko, D.; Morgante, A.; Venkataraman, L., “Quantifying through-space charge transfer dynamics in π-coupled molecular systems,” Nature communications, 3, 1086 (2012)

Fuchs, G.; Dobrovitski, V.; Hanson, R.; Batra, A.; Weis, C.; Schenkel, T.; Awschalom, D., “Excited-state spectroscopy using single spin manipulation in diamond,” Physical review letters, 101, 11, 117601 (2008)

Batra, A.; Weis, C.; Reijonen, J.; Persaud, A.; Schenkel, T.; Cabrini, S.; Lo, C.; Bokor, J., “Detection of low energy single ion impacts in micron scale transistors at room temperature,” Applied Physics Letters, 91, 19, pp. 193502-193502-3 (2007)

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Brian Capozzi (Ph.D. '15 Applied Physics - Solid State Physics)
Advisor: Latha Venkataraman

Dissertation title: "Environmental Control of Charge Transport through Single Molecule Junctions"

Future plans: This summer I will be participating in the Insight Data Science Fellows program with the hopes of getting a job as a data scientist at the end of the summer.

Advisor comments: "Brian joined my research group in the spring of 2011. He developed methods to create single-molecule transistors through electrochemical methods. He then applied his understanding to create the best single-molecule diode made to date. Brian is a dedicated and inquisitive scientist, and will be missed when he moves on to his new position next month."


Capozzi, B.; Xia, J.; Adak, O.; Dell, E.; Liu, Z.; Taylor, J.C.; Neaton, J. B.; Campos, L.; Venkataraman, L., “Single-Molecule Diodes with High Rectification Ratios through Environmental Control,Nature Nanotechnology, Accepted.

Dell, E.J.; Capozzi, B.; Xia, J.; Venkataraman, L.; Campos, L. M., “Molecular Length Dictates the Nature of Charge Carriers in Single-Molecule Junctions,” Nature Chemistry, 7, pp. 209–214 (2015)

Capozzi, B.; Dell, E.J.; Berkelbach, T.C.; Reichman, D.R.; Venkataraman, L.; Campos, L.M., “Length-Dependent Conductance of Oligothiophenes,” JACS, 136, 10486 (2014)

Capozzi, B.; Chen, Q.; Darancet, P.; Buzzeo, M.; Neaton, J.B.; Nuckolls, C.; Venkataraman, L., “Tunable Charge Transport in Single-Molecule Junctions via Electrolytic Gating,”Nano Letters, 14, pp. 1400–1404 (2014)

Xia, J.; Capozzi, B.; Wei, S.; Strange, M.; Batra, A.; Moreno, J.; Amir, R.; Amir, E.; Solomon, G.; Venkataraman, L.; Campos, L., “Breakdown of Interference Rules in Azulene, a Non-Alternant Hydrocarbon,Nano Letters, 14, pp. 2941–2945 (2014)

Dell, E.J.; Capozzi, B.; DuBay, K.H.; Berkelbach, T.C.; Moreno, J.R.; Reichman, D.R.; Venkataraman, L.; Campos, L.M., “Impact of Molecular Symmetry on Single-Molecule Conductance,”JACS, vol 135, pp. 11724-11727 (2013)

Ahn, S.; Aradhya, S. V.; Klausen, R. S.; Capozzi, B.; Roy, X.; Steigerwald, M. L.; Nuckolls, C.; Venkataraman, L., “Electronic Transport and Mechanical Stability of Carboxyl Linked Single-Molecule Junctions,”PCCP, 14, pp. 13841–13845 (2012)

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Philip Chuang (Ph.D. '15 Materials Science and Engineering)
Advisor: Helen Lu (BME)

Dissertation title: "Development and Characterization of Ion Encapsulated Liposomes for Vesicle-mediated Biomineralization"

Research interests: Orthopaedic Biomaterials

Current position: Senior Scientist, Stryker Orthopaedics

Advisor comments: "It has been a real privilege working with Phil, who is that rare star student who is not only smart, but also intellectually persistent and hardworking. Phil's work has the potentially to engineer a paradigm shift in the treatment of bone diseases, and throughout his doctoral studies, he demonstrated a consistent ability to think and work independently.  His thesis project is a new research direction for the lab, and its success is entirely due to Phil's ingenuity and can-do attitude! Phil will be sorely missed and we look forward to his future successes."


Chuang, P.J.; Zhang, X.; Boushell, M.K.; Levine, W.N.; Lu, H.H., “The Basic Science of Implants in Sports Medicine,” Orthopaedic Sports Medicine, 4th edition, DeLee and Drez (2014)

Chuang, P.J.; Akinade, T.O.; Kam, L.C.; Lu, H.H., “Synthetic Matrix Vesicles Modulate Mineralization Response of Human Osteoblast-like Cells,” Society for Biomaterials, Podium Presentation, Student Travel Recognition Award (2013)

Chuang, P.J.
; Kam, L.C.; Lu, H.H., “Design of Matrix Vesicles for Biomimetic Mineralization,” Materials Research Society, Poster (2012)

Chuang, P.J.; Khanarian, N.T.; Moffat, K.L.; Paralkar, N.S.; Lu, H.H., “Effects of Hydroxyapatite and T3-Stimulation on Deep Zone Chondrocyte Growth and Biosynthesis on a Nanofiber Scaffold,” Orthopaedic Research Society, Poster (2012)

Subramony, S.D.; Erisken, C.; Chuang, P.J.; Lu, H.H., “Nanomaterial-based Integrative Repair of Soft Tissues,” Nanotechnology in Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine, CRC/Taylor and Francis (2011)

Chuang, P.J.; Khanarian, N.T.; Moffat, K.L.; Paralkar, N.S.; Lu, H.H., “Polymer-Ceramic Composite Nanofiber Scaffolds Promote Deep Zone Chondrocyte Growth & Biosynthesis,” Orthopaedic Research Society, Podium Presentation (2011)

Chuang, P.J.; Advincula, M.A.; Lu, H.H., “Formation of Calcium Phosphate Coating on Tendon Grafts via Simulated Body Fluid Immersion,” Orthopaedic Research Society, Poster (2011)

Chuang, P.J.; Khanarian, N.T.; Moffat, K.L.; Lu, H.H., “Evaluation of Chondrocyte Response on PLGA Nanofiber Scaffolds with and without HA Nanoparticles,” Biomedical Engineering Society, Podium Presentation (2009)

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John Dwyer (Ph.D. '14 Applied Mathematics - Atmospheric Science)
Adam Sobel (APAM) and Michela Biasutti (LDEO)

Dissertation title:"Projected Changes in the Annual Cycle of Surface Temperature and Precipitation Due to Greenhouse Gas Increases" (2015 Simon Prize Winner for Best Dissertation)

Research interests:
 During my Ph.D., I studied projected changes to the annual cycle of temperature and precipitation. Using models ranging in complexity from fully-comprehensive general circulation models to simple energy balance models as well as observations, I linked these changes to sea ice at high latitudes and the large-scale tropical circulation at low latitudes.

My current work (at MIT) is focused on modifying our theories of mid-latitude atmospheric dynamics to include the effects of moisture. I'm also researching the effects of sea ice loss on the extratropical atmospheric circulation and how extreme weather events might change in response.

Current position: NSF postdoctoral fellow in the Program in Atmospheres, Oceans, and Climate in the Department of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Advisor comments:

"Working with John has been a great experience. In his thesis, he tackled a complex question: how rainfall seasonality changes under greenhouse gas forcing. John had the determination, the creativity, and the smarts to employ many tools to elucidate the dynamical mechanisms behind this phenomenon. His work has won him the respect of senior scientists and young colleagues alike. That, plus his easy way with people, his kindness and trustworthiness convince me that John will soon be a leader in his field. I could not be more proud."
- Michela Biasutti

"John is smart, creative, technically skilled, and he works very hard. In the course of his Ph.D. he became remarkably independent, in the way that the very best Ph.D. students do. He figured out on his own how to do things technically; but more importantly, he formulated the basic questions and hypotheses that determine the next steps on his own. The result of this is that in his thesis, he was able to make a number of fundamental advances on the difficult climate dynamics problem that Michela and I set for him when he arrived here. In short, he has become a mature scientist, able to design and execute his own research projects. He is eminently deserving of the Simon Prize, and I'm thrilled that the department has seen fit to award it to him. In his postdoc at MIT and beyond, I expect to see him emerge soon as one of the young leaders in the fields of climate and atmospheric science."
- Adam Sobel


Dwyer, J.G.; Camargo, S.J.; Sobel, A.H.; Biasutti, M.; Emanuel, K.A.; Vecchi, G.A.; Zhao, M.; Tippett, M.K., “Projected 21st century changes in the length of the tropical cyclone season,” Journal of Climate, Accepted (2015)

Dwyer, J.G.; Biasutti, M.; Sobel, A.H., “The Effect of greenhouse gas-induced changes in SST on the annual cycle of zonal mean tropical precipitation,” Journal of Climate, 27, 12, pp. 4544-4565 (2014)

Dwyer, J.G.; Biasutti, M.; Sobel, A.H., “Projected changes in the seasonal cycle of surface temperature,” Journal of Climate, 25, 18, pp. 6359-6374 (2012)

Dwyer, J.G.; Norris, J.R.; Ruckstuhl, C., “Do climate models reproduce observed solar dimming and brightening over China and Japan?Journal of Geophysical Research, 115, D00K08 (2010)

van Elewyck, V.; Ando, S.; Aso, Y.; Baret, B.; Barsuglia, M.; Bartos, I.; Chassande-Mottin, E.; Palma, I.; Dwyer, J.G.; Finley, C.; Kei, K.; Kouchner, A.; Márka, S.; Márka, Z.; Rollins, J.; Ott, C.D.; Pradier, T.; Searle, A., “Joint searches between gravitational-wave interferometers and high-energy neutrino telescopes: science reach and analysis strategies,” International Journal of Modern Physics D, 18, 10, pp. 1655-1659 (2009)

Aso, Y.;  Márka, Z.; Finley, C.; Dwyer, J.G.; Kotake, K.; Márka, S., “Search method for coincident events from LIGO and IceCube detectors,” Classical and Quantum Gravity, 25, 11, 114039 (2008)

Lightman, M.; Thurakal, J.; Dwyer, J.G.; Grossman, R.; Kalmus, P.; Matone, L.; Rollins, J.; Zairis, S.; Márka, S., “Prospects of gravitational wave data mining and exploration via evolutionary computing,” Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 32, pp. 58-65 (2006)

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Chenxi Guo (Ph.D. '15 Applied Mathematics)
Advisor: Guillaume Bal

Dissertation title: "Anisotropic Inverse Problems with Internal Measurements"

Research interests: Analysis and Partial Differential Equations, Stochastic Differential Equations, Inverse Problems and Kalman Filter. I have been working on Hybrid inverse problems and Kalman filter during my Ph.D. study.


Bal, G.; Guo, C.; Monard, F., "Linearized internal functionals for anisotropic conductivities," Inverse Problems and Imaging 8.1 (2014)

Bal, G.; Guo, C.; Monard, F., "Inverse anisotropic conductivity from internal current densities," Inverse Problems 30.2 (2014)

Guo, C. and Bal, G., "Reconstruction of complex-valued tensors in the Maxwell system from knowledge of internal magnetic fields," Inverse Problems and Imaging 8.4 (2014)

Bal, G.; Guo, C.; Monard, F., "Imaging of anisotropic conductivities from current densities in two dimensions," SIAM J. Imaging Sci. 7.4 (2014)

Guo, C. and Bal, G., "Reconstruction of complex-valued tensors in the Maxwell system from knowledge of internal magnetic fields,”submitted

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Zhisheng Li (Ph.D. '15 Applied Physics - Solid State Physics)
Advisor: Richard Osgood

Dissertation title: "Surface Chemistry Studies of Transition Metal Oxides: Titanium Oxide and Iron Oxide"

Research interests: Strain-induced surface reactions of oxides; fundamental chemical dynamics at the surface of nanoscale titanium dioxide (TiO2) crystals

Advisor comments: “I am very proud of the work done by Zhisheng as I am for all my students. His contribution to the fundamental understanding of new characteristics of titanium dioxide will give new insight into controlling chemical reactions at surfaces and form the basis for technological advancements of its many applications. Zhisheng’s research is another major discovery of our students in pure and applied science.

TiO2 is used in both very technical and very basic applications—from advanced solar cells, to chemical catalysis, to house paint. One recent discovery by members of the Osgood Group is that TiO2 changes its chemistry when it is in nanocrystal (~5nm scale) form. Dr. Li's thesis research showed an additional new basic observation of TiO2: nanoscale reactions on TiO2 are very sensitive to the degree of strain on the surface of the crystalline TiO2. Dr. Li and Dr. Denis Potapenko, an associate research scientist at SEAS, used atom-resolved scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) to observe this phenomenon. The results of this research were recently published in the journal ACS Nano, the sixth published paper for Dr. Li.”


Li, Z.; Potapenko, D.V.; Rim, K.T.; Flytzani-Stephanopoulos, M.; Flynn, G.W.; Osgood, R.M.; Wen, X.-D.; Batista, E.R., "Reactions of Deuterated Methanol (CD3OD) on Fe3O4(111)," J. Phys. Chem. C 119, pp. 1113-1120 (2015)

Li, Z.; Potapenko, D.V.; Osgood, R.M., “Controlling Surface Reactions with Nanopatterned Surface Elastic Strain,” ACS Nano, 9, 1, pp. 82–87 (2015)

Potapenko, D.V.; Li, Z.; Kysar, J.W.; Osgood, R.M., “Nanoscale strain engineering on the surface of a bulk TiO2 crystal,” Nano Lett., 14, 11, pp. 6185–6189 (2014)

Li, Z.; Potapenko, D.V.; Osgood, R.M., "Using Moiré Patterning to Map Surface Reactivity versus Atom Registration: Chemisorbed Trimethyl Acetic Acid on TiO/Au(111)," J. Phys. Chem. C, 118, 51, pp. 29999–30005 (2014)

Potapenko, D.V.; Li, Z.; Lou, Y.; Guo, Y.; Osgood, R.M., “2-Propanol reactivity on in situ prepared Au(1 1 1)-supported TiO2 nanocrystals,” Journal of Catalysis, Volume 297, January, pp. 281–288 (2013)

Potapenko, D.; Li, Z.; Osgood, R.M., “Dissociation of Single 2-Chloroanthracene Molecules by STM-tip Electron Injection, ” J. Chem. Phys. 116, 7, pp. 4679–4685 (2012) 

Cooper, R.;  Li, Z.; Golibrzuch, K.; Bartels, C.; Rahinov, I.; Auerbach, D.J.; Wodtke, A.M., "On The Determination of Absolute Vibrational Excitation Probabilities in Molecule-Surface Scattering: Case Study of NO on Au (111)," J. Chem. Phys., 137, 64705 (2012)

Cooper, R.; Bartels, C.; Kandratsenka, A.; Rahinov, I.; Shenvi, N.; Golibrzuch, K.; Li, Z.; Auerbach, D.J.; Tully, J.C.; Wodtke, A.M., "Multiquantum Vibrational Excitation of NO Scattered from Au (111): Quantitative Comparison of Benchmark Data to Ab Initio Theories of Nonadiabatic Molecule–Surface Interactions," Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 124, 5038-5042 (2012)

Matsiev, D.; Li, Z.; Cooper, R.; Rahinov, I.; Bartels, C.; Auerbach, D.J.; Wodtke, A.M., "On The Temperature Dependence of Electronically Non-Adiabatic Vibrational Energy Transfer in Molecule–Surface Collisions," Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 13, 8153-8162 (2011)

Cooper, R.; Rahinov, I.; Li, Z., Matsiev, D.; Auerbach, D.J.; Wodtke, A.M., "Vibrational Overtone Excitation in Electron Mediated Energy Transfer at Metal Surfaces," Chem. Sci., 1, 55-61 (2010)

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William Martin (Ph.D. '14 Applied Mathematics - Atmospheric Science)
Advisor: Brian Cairns

Dissertation title: "Advancement for Three-Dimensional Remote Sensing of the Atmosphere"

Research interests:
Monitoring the atmosphere by taking pictures of clouds (and aerosols) from space --- and using these pictures to retrieve the spatial distribution and properties of the small bits of airborne material that form their substance.  

Current position: Postdoctoral Research Scientist in the Department of Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics - NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies

Advisor comments: "Will Martin is a diligent and thoughtful student who blossomed when he attended a series of workshops at the International Space Science Institute in Berne, Switzerland over the last three years. The workshops consisted of an international team of experts in remote sensing and Will took full advantage of their expertise to identify the sorts of problems that are of interest for future satellite missions. He clearly enjoyed the discussions and arguments that took place during the day and at the bierkeller afterwards and his thesis presented the start of a solution to one major problem, that of remote sensing of clouds and aerosols in broken cloud fields. Apparently cycling in the alps wasn't a bad thing either."


Kokhanovsky, A.A.; Davis, A.B.; Cairns, B.; Dubovik, O.; Hasekamp, O.P.; Sano, I.; Mukai, S.; Rozanov, V.V.; Litvinov, P.; Lapyonok, T.; Kolomiets, I.S.; Oberemok, Y.A.; Savenkov, S.; Martin, W.; Wasilewski, A.; di Noia, A.; Stap, A.; Rietjens, J.; Xu, F.; Natraj, V.; Duan, M.; Cheng, T.; Munro R., “Space-based remote sensing of atmospheric aerosols: The multi-angle spectro-polarimetric frontier,” Earth-Sci. Rev., in press (2015)

Martin, W.; Cairns, B.; Bal, G., “Adjoint methods for adjusting three-dimensional atmosphere and surface properties to fit multi-angle/multi-pixel polarimetric measurements,” J. Quant. Spectrosc. Radiat. Transfer, 144, pp. 68-85 (2014)

Knobelspiesse, K.; Cairns, B.; Mishchenko, M.; Chowdhary, J.; Tsigaridis, K.; van Diedenhoven, B.; Martin, W.; Ottaviani, M.; Alexandrov, M., “Analysis of fine-mode aerosol retrieval capabilities by different passive remote sensing instrument designs, ” Opt. Express, 20, pp. 21457-21484 (2012)

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Erika Penzo (Ph.D. '14 Applied Physics - Solid State Physics)
Advisor: Shalom Wind

Dissertation title: "Directed biomolecular assembly of functional nanodevices"

Research interests: Nanotechnology, Molecular electronics, Nanostructures, Self-assembly

Future plans: After the Ph.D. I spent some months traveling; I am currently looking for a research job in nanotechnology.

Advisor comments: "Erika is a renaissance physicist - an outstanding scientist with multiple areas of true expertise who views her science through a wide scope. Da Vinci would have been proud."


Penzo, E. et al., “Directed assembly of single wall carbon nanotube field effect transistors” in preparation.

Penzo, E.; Palma, M.; Wang, R.; Zheng, M.; Wind, S., “Directed assembly of end-functionalized single wall carbon nanotubes” in preparation.

Livshits, G.; Stern, A.; Rotem, D.; Borovok, N.; Eidelshtein, G.; Migliore, A.; Penzo, E.; Wind, S.; Di Felice, R.; Skourtis, S.; Cuevas, J.C.; Gurevich, L.; Kotlyar, A.; Porath, D., “Longrange charge transport in single G-quadruplex DNA molecules,” Nature Nanotechnology, 9, pp. 1040–1046 (2014)

Wind, S.; Penzo, E.; Palma, M.; Wang, R.; Fazio, T.; Porath, D.; Rotem, D.; Livshits, G.; Stern, A., “Integrating DNA with Functional Nanomaterials,” Journal of Self-Assembly and Molecular Electronics, 1, 2, pp. 1-12 (2013)

Palma, M.; Wang, W.; Penzo, E.; Barthwaite, J.; Zheng, M.; Hone, J.; Nuckolls, C.; Wind, S. J., “Controlled formation of carbon nanotube junctions via linker induced assembly in aqueous solution,” Journal of the American Chemical Society, 135, 23, pp. 8440–8443 (2013)

Wang, R.; Palma, M., Penzo, E.; Wind, S. J., “Lithographically directed assembly of one-dimensional DNA nanostructures via bivalent binding interactions,Nano Research, 6, 6, pp. 409–417 (2013)

Penzo, E.; Wang, R.; Palma, M.; Wind, S. J.;  “Selective placement of DNA origami on substrates patterned by nanoimprint lithography,” Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology B, 29, 6, 06F205 (2011)

Palma, M.; Abramson, J.; Gorodetsky, A.A.; Penzo, E.; Gonzalez, R.L.; Sheetz, M.P.; Nuckolls, C.;. Hone, J.; Wind, S. J., “Selective bimolecular nanoarrays for parallel single-molecule investigations,” Journal of the American Chemical Society, 133, pp. 7656-7659 (2011)

Centrone, A.; Penzo, E.; Sharma, M.; Myerson, J. W.; Jackson, A. M.; Marzari, N.; Stellacci, F., “The role of nanostructure in the wetting behavior of mixed-monolayer-protected metal nanoparticles,” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 105, 29, pp. 9886-9891 (2008)

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Thomas "Max" Roberts (Ph.D. '15 Applied Physics - Plasma Physics)
: Michael Mauel

Dissertation title: "Local regulation of interchange turbulence in a dipole-confined plasma torus using current injection feedback"

Research interests: Plasma Physics, Robotics

Current position: Post-doctoral researcher in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Dartmouth College studying ionospheric plasmas via Arduino-based cubeSats

Advisor comments:
Thomas "Max" Roberts showed how to regulate interchange turbulence of high-temperature ionized gas with local current injection. His discovery allows scientists to understand and predict the dynamics of ionized gas within the magnetosphere surrounding Earth by understanding how currents flowing though the ionosphere regulate interchange motion in space. To establish a connection between interchange motion in he laboratory and in space, Max injected current using electrodes inserted into the plasma. By designing and constructing an active feedback control system that energized the electrodes based on plasma motion detected with small antennae, Max was also able to advance the fundamental theory of plasma interchange instability.”


Roberts, T. M.; Mauel, M. E.; Worstell, M. W.;  “Local regulation of interchange turbulence in a dipole-confined plasma torus using current-collection feedback,” Phys. Plasmas 22, 055702 (2015)

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Iva Vukicevic (Ph.D. '15 Applied Mathematics)
Michael Weinstein

Dissertation title: "Bifurcation of localized eigenstates of perturbed periodic Schrödinger operators"

Research interests: PDEs, Eigenvalue Problems, Wave Propagation

Current position: Data Scientist at Macy's

Advisor comments: "Vukicevic’s research is a deep exploration of the mechanisms for energy concentration due to defects — ones occurring randomly or by design — in periodic media ranging from crystalline lattices in electronic structures to photonics. 

Most novel are Iva's results on defects in high contrast microstructures, which required a very subtle workaround in a situation where classical "effective medium theory” breaks down.

The work was in collaboration with Prof. Weinstein (APAM and Department of Mathematics) and Prof. Vincent Duchene (Insitut de Recherche Mathématique de Rennes), who was the Chu Assistant Professor of Applied Mathematics in APAM, 2011-2012. Vukicevic’s Ph.D. research was supported, in part, by the NSF Division of Mathematical Sciences and the Columbia IGERT in Optics and Quantum Electronics"


Duchene, V.; Vukicevic, I.; Weinstein, M.I., “Homogenized description of defect modes in periodic structures with localized defects,” Communications in Mathematical Sciences, International Press, 13, 3, pp. 777-823 (2015)

Weinstein, M.I.; Lee-Thorp, J. P.; Vukicevic, I.; Xu, X.; Yang, J.; Fefferman, C. L.; Wong, C. W., “Photonic realization of topologically protected bound states in domain-wall modulated waveguide arrays,” submitted (2015)

Duchene, V.; Vukicevic, I.; Weinstein, M.I., “Oscillatory and localized perturbations of periodic structures and the bifurcation of defect modes,” submitted (2014)

Duchene, V.; Vukicevic, I.; Weinstein, M.I., “Scattering and localization properties of highly oscillatory potentials,” Communications on Pure and Applied Mathematics, Volume 67, Issue 1, pp. 83–128 (2014)

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Yan Yan (Ph.D. '15 Applied Mathematics)
Advisor: David Keyes

Dissertation title:
"Smooth and Robust Solutions for Dirichlet Boundary Control of Fluid-Solid Conjugate Heat Transfer Problems"

Research interests: Mathematical Modeling, Data Analysis, Optimal Control, Numerical Simulation, Optimization, and Algorithm, CFD

Future plans: I will continue solving deterministic, and non-deterministic research problems, using numerical simulation, optimization strategies, and algorithm design.

Advisor comments: "Yan overcame more than technical hurdles en route to his original robust algorithms for optimizing conjugate heat transfer! His advisor (yours truly) went on a leave from which he never returned. Yan, invited to join abroad, nevertheless remained loyal to APAM and NYC by switching projects until all grants expired and then supported himself to create the thesis he really wanted all along, now out in J. Comp. Phys. With his level of dedication, the sky is the limit."


Yan, Y. and Keyes, D. E., “Smooth and Robust Solutions for Optimal Control of Fluid-Solid Conjugate Heat Transfer Problems,” Journal of Computational Physics, Volume 281, pp. 759-786 (2015)

Yan, Y.; Antal, S.; Edge, B.; Keyes, D.E.; Shaver, D.; Bolotnov, I.; Podowski, M., “On the Development of Parallel Linear Solvers for Simulations of Reactor Thermal Hydraulics,” NURETH-14, Toronto, Canada (2011)

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