Adams Wins the 2004 Gordon Bell Prize

Dr. Mark F. Adams shared the 2004 Gordon Bell Prize in the category of special achievement for his parallel multigrid work on modeling the mechanics of trabecular bone, together with three biomedical engineers at the University of California-Berkeley.

Dr. Adams' algebraic multigrid software library, Prometheus, is layered over a more basic solver library, PETSc, that is being developed under a five-year Department of Energy project led by Columbia. The computation recognized for the prize (awarded at the annual Supercomputing conference, held in Pittsburgh, November 6–12, 2004) ran on over 4000 processors, at 0.5 TeraFLOPS, on the ASCI White computer at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

Mark is currently applying his skills to simulating gyrokinetic turbulence in tokamak reactors, jointly with the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory.

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