Alumni Updates '09-'10

  • Michael Bykhovsky (B.A. ‘83 Applied Physics) and Bahram Jalali (Ph.D. ‘89 Solid State Physics) visited APAM on April 14 as representatives of the Dean’s Board of Visitors. Board members meet yearly with current students and faculty in order to advise and assist the Trustees, the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, and the Dean in the development of the School. Michael is the President and CEO of Applied Financial Technology and Bahram is a Professor of Electrical Engineering at UCLA.
  • Ming S. Chu (Ph.D. ‘71 Plasma Physics) was featured as a co-author with APAM Adjunct Professor, Steve Sabbagh (Ph.D. '90 Plasma Physics), in a recent Nuclear Fusion news item on a paper first-authored by K. C. Shain “Broken toroidal symmetry in tokamaks enhances particle, energy and momentum transport”. Dr. Chu is a theorist in the Theory and Computational Sciences division at General Atomics, San Diego California. His main interest is the development and application of ideal and resistive MHD theories to fusion devices. Phenomena studied include the kink ballooning mode, the tearing mode and the resistive wall mode at high plasma beta. His recent interest is on the dependence of the plasma response to external perturbations on various plasma models. He has authored or co-authored more than 150 papers on plasma equilibrium and stability. He is a Fellow of the American Physical Society. (Spring 2010 Columbia Engineering Magazine)
  • Megan deBettencourt (B.S. ‘10, Applied Mathematics) was featured in a video on SEAS TV.

  • Bob Gottschall (Eng.Sc.D. ‘75 Materials Science & Engineering) “After earning my Eng.Sc.D., I accepted a 2-year postdoctoral appointment at the Materials Research Laboratory at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, where one of my activities was electron microscopy studies of dislocation structures in tungsten carbide. I then accepted a position in program management in the Materials Sciences Program office under the Office of Basic Energy Sciences at the newly formed U.S. Department of Energy in 1977. I remained with that organization in various capacities through the rest of my career. My program management responsibilities were for the coordination, funding, management, and oversight of fundamental research in materials science that was carried out almost entirely under contracted Department of Energy national laboratories and university research grants. I was actively engaged in an originating and leadership role for 21 workshops that identified and publicized research needs and opportunities for fundamental research in materials science, for which the proceedings were published in archival scientific journals. I was a co-organizer for 4 major scientific symposia under professional societies, a member of advisory and organization committees for numerous domestic and international scientific symposia, and co-editor of the published proceedings for 2 major international research symposia. During the course of my career I was elected to the rank of Fellow by both the American Ceramic Society and ASM International (formerly known as the American Society of Metals) and awarded the 2004 Burgess Memorial Award by ASM International for leadership in fundamental research in materials science and advancements of electron beam microcharacterization facilities in the U.S. My career at the Department of Energy progressed into several management positions from 1986 until my retirement in 2005. Since retirement, my wife, Yukiko Tani, and I have trekked, climbed, and done photography in Patagonia, the European Alps, and the Himalaya. We also engage ourselves in local hiking and photography, and via attendance at operatic, symphonic, and classical ballet programs.” (Spring 2010 Columbia Engineering Magazine)
  • Sam Gralnick (Ph.D. ‘72 Plasma Physics) is currently VP and senior applications architect for the Global Risk Management organization of JP Morgan Chase & Co. and is a member of the recruiting team for the Risk Organization, which seeks to attract talented graduates seeking careers in financial services risk management. Columbia students and graduates at all levels should feel free to contact him to discuss these opportunities at (Spring 2010 Columbia Engineering Magazine)
  • Isaac Greenbaum (B.S. ’06 Applied Mathematics) and Adrian Haimovich (B.S. ’10 Applied Mathematics) were featured in the article “Math Professor Works to Keep Students Off ‘The Street’” in The Record.

  • Adrian Haimovich (B.S. Applied Mathematics, ‘10) was featured in the article “Predicting Diseases” in the Spring 2010 Leaders Making an Impact Issue of Columbia Engineering News.
  • Jay Kesner (Ph.D. ‘70 Plasma Physics), M.I.T.’s physics research group leader for the Levitated Dipole Experiment, and Stewart Prager (Ph.D. ’75 Plasma Physics ), director of the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, were featured in the Columbia News article: "Levitating Magnet May Yield New Approach to Clean Energy."
  • The International Atomic Energy Agency awarded the 2009 Nuclear Fusion Award to Adjunct Professor and Research Scientist, Steve Sabbagh (Ph.D. '90 Plasma Physics) , et al. for their landmark paper "Resistive wall stabilized operation in rotating high beta NSTX plasmas."
  • Wendy Siman (M.S. ‘10 Medical Physics) was offered a two-year imaging physics residency at the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center.
  • Plasma Physics alumni attened the 2009 Plasma Physics Reunion Dinner during the 51st Annual Meeting of the Division of Plasma Physics (DPP) at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta from November 2-6, 2009. Alumni in attendance were Dennis Boyle (B.S. ‘08), Dylan Brennan (M.S. ‘97), Jennifer Ellsworth (B.S. ‘02),  Andrea Garofalo (Ph.D. ‘97), David Gates (Ph.D. ‘94), Brian Grierson (Ph.D. ‘09), Jeremy Hanson (Ph.D. ‘09), Chris Hegna (Ph.D. ‘89), Ilon Joseph (Ph.D. ‘05), Elliot Kaplan (B.S. ‘06), Oksana Katsuro-Hopkins (Ph.D. ‘07), Mark Kendall (B.S. ‘05), Jay Kesner (Ph.D. ‘70), David Maurer (Ph.D. ‘00), Ron Schmitt (Ph.D. ‘08), Katherine Velas (B.S. ‘05), Jeff Waksman (B.S. ‘06), and John Wright (B.S. ‘91).
  • APAM alumni attened a departmental luncheon as part of the SEAS Alumni Reunion and Dean’s Days Weekend from June 4-5, 2010. APAM alumni in attendance included:

    Sarah Angelini (B.S. ‘05 Applied Physics) earned her M.S. in Nuclear Science & Engineering at M.I.T. and was employed at Schlumberger. She returned to APAM this fall to start her Ph.D. in Applied Physics.

    Ruth Griswold (B.S. ‘05 Applied Mathematics) is currently working on a Ph.D. at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine.

    Rui He (Ph.D. ‘06 Solid State Physics) is a postdoc working in the Columbia Center for Integrated Science and Engineering (CISE).

    John Klinger (B.S. '70 Applied Physics) earned his Ph.D. in Physics from Cornell University in 1978. He is currently a Staff Engineer working on software for unmanned air vehicles at Proxy Aviation Systems in Germantown, MD.

    William Lupatkin, M.D. (Ph.D. ‘70 Plasma Physics) is currently a pediatrician in Morristown, NJ.

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