Alumni Updates '12-'13

  • Gabriel Ganot (Ph.D. '12 Materials Science & Engineering) recieved the May 2013 Student Life Award.
  • Isaac Greenbaum (B.S. ‘06 Applied Mathematics) was featured in the article, "Data-Driven Alumni: The Faces behind Data Sciences," by Nicole Dyer, originally published in the Spring 2013 Columbia Engineering Newsletter.
  • Numerous Plasma Physics alumni, researchers, faculty and friends attended the Plasma Physics Lab 50th Anniversary Celebration on April 26, 2012.
  • Michael Stamatelatos (Eng.Sc.D. ‘70 Nuclear Engineering), a student of Prof. Leon Lidofsky, has been the director of the Safety and Assurance Requirements Division in the Office of Safety and Mission Assurance at NASA Headquarters since October 2003. Michael is a recognized expert in risk and reliability assessment. He joined NASA in 2000 as manager of risk assessment in the Office of Safety and Mission Assurance. In that position, he was responsible for the development and application of probabilistic risk assessment (PRA) policy as well as for coordinating, overseeing, and integrating PRA programs and activities across the agency. He has developed, organized, and taught courses on quantitative risk assessment and risk-informed decision for managers and practitioners. He has lectured throughout NASA and to universities and government and industrial organizations. Michael is author or coauthor of more than 100 technical papers and reports. He is coauthor of “NASA Procedures Guide for Probabilistic Risk Assessment,” “NASA Fault Tree Handbook,” “NASA Risk Management Handbook,” and “NASA Accident Precursor Analysis Handbook.” He is also coauthor of two book chapters on probabilistic risk assessment. (Spring 2013 Columbia Engineering Newsletter)
  • Steve Sabbagh (Ph.D. '90 Plasma Physics) received Princeton University's 2013 Kaul Foundation Prize for Excellence in Plasma Physics Research and Technology Development. In the same academic year, he ran the KSTAR tokamak experiment MP2013-05-03-003 for two sessions at the National Fusion Research Institute (NFRI) in Daejeon, South Korea, and presented the NSTX Physics Overview talk at the 2012 International Atomic Energy Agency Fusion Energy Conference.
  • In Memoriam: Stephen F. Paul (1953-2012)
  • Xuan Gao (Ph.D. ‘03 Materials Science and Engineering and ‘04 Simon Prize Winner) is currently an assistant professor of Physics at Case Western Reserve University. He writes, “At the beginning of this year, I received a CAREER Award from NSF. I was also awarded the Outstanding Young Researcher Award from the International Organization of Chinese Physicists and Astronomers, a prestigious recognition given to a young physicist/astronomer of Chinese ethnicity working in North America, Europe, or any other region outside Asia.”
  • Michael Hahn (Ph.D. ‘09 Plasma Physics) was selected as one of the postdoctoral winners of the New York Academy of Sciences’s 2012 Blavatnik Awards for Young Scientists Competition. He received the award for his work using spectroscopy to constrain the mechanisms by which energy is carried into the solar corona, heating it to over a million degrees and driving the solar wind. Michael is currently an associate research scientist in the Columbia’s Astrophysics Laboratory. (Fall 2012 Columbia Engineering Newsletter)
  • Tracy Hammond (B.S. ‘97 Applied Mathematics) received tenure last May and is now an associate professor at Texas A&M University. She was also recently awarded the 2011-2012 College of Engineering Faculty Fellow Award; specifically, she is the Charles H. Barclay, Jr. ‘45 Faculty Fellow. (Fall 2012 Columbia Engineering Newsletter)
  • In 2010, Irina Kalish (M.S./CVN ‘07 Materials Science and Engineering) and her family moved from Michigan to Washington, DC, following her husband’s enrollment at Georgetown’s law school. She left General Motors and is now a patent examiner with the US Patent and Trademark office, where she reviews patent applications in the area of single crystal growth. (Fall 2012 Columbia Engineering Newsletter)
  • In 1988, Edl Schamiloglu (M.S. ‘81 Plasma Physics) received his Ph.D. from Cornell University. This year, he is celebrating his 25th year anniversary as a professor of electrical engineering at the University of New Mexico. He was just awarded his third MURI grant and his sixth DURIP (Defense University Research Infrastructure Program) grant. Edl’s daughter, Selin is currently a sophomore at Columbia College. (Fall 2012 Columbia Engineering Newsletter)
  • After graduating, Di-Shi (Darren) Su (M.S. ‘00 Materials Science and Engineering) joined TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) as the process integration engineering in wafer process development. He successfully qualified the first copper line in 0.13um poly/gate process. Since 2006, Darren has been a manager of foundry execution at LSI Corporation. He now has more than 12 years of experience in the semiconductor field and water fabrication with an emphasis in wafer process/yield improvement, reliability and SPICE evaluations, product-based performance optimization, and customer quality solutions. He was married in 2006 and currently lives in HsinChu with his wife, Kris Chen, and their 2 children. (Fall 2012 Columbia Engineering Newsletter)
  • While completing his M.S. degree, Kyle Teamey (M.S./CVN ‘12 Materials Science & Engineering) was also running a start-up, Liquid Light. His company is developing a technology for converting carbon dioxide to industrial chemicals. (Fall 2012 Columbia Engineering Newsletter)
  • Alfredo Tognoni (M.S./CVN ‘10 Materials Science & Engineering) lives in Zurich and is a senior consultant/manager at Holcim, a world’s leading supplier of cement, concrete, and aggregates. (Fall 2012 Columbia Engineering Newsletter)

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