Alumni Updates '18-'19

Justin Calamari (B.S. '18, Applied Physics) who was a member of Prof. Simon Billinge's Group, was selected to be part of the prestigious and selective Google Summer of Code program. The program funds students to work on open source software projects over the summer. For more information about his work, visit Justin's blog.

Seth Davidovits (B.S. '10, Applied Physics), a 2017 graduate of the Program in Plasma Physics in the Princeton University Department of Astrophysical Sciences, has won the 2018 Marshall N. Rosenbluth Outstanding Doctoral Thesis Award presented by the American Physical Society (APS). The award recognizes “exceptional young scientists who have performed original thesis work of outstanding scientific quality and achievement in the area of plasma physics.” Davidovits is now a postdoctoral research fellow in the Department of Astrophysical Sciences at Princeton, where he holds a DOE Fusion Energy Sciences postdoctoral fellowship. He is a member of the American Physical Society and was chosen as a 2018 Howes Scholar. Dr. Davidovits continues to pursue the compression of turbulent plasma, with applications in inertial-confinement-fusion experiments, Z-pinch experiments, and astrophysical plasmas.

Xuan Gao (Ph.D. '03, Applied Physics), a former student of Prof. Aron Pinczuk and Prof. Andrew Millis, is now a full professor in the Physics Department at Case Western Reserve University. Prof. Gao's research centers on nanostructures or materials (quantum wells, nanoplates, nanowires etc) in which the quantum nature of particles (electrons, phonons etc) plays a fundamental role in their electrical, thermal, optical and magnetic properties. He seeks to understand and exploit the quantum physics in these nanostructures for novel device applications.

Monika Kopacz
(B.S. '03, Applied Mathematics) stopped by to visit the APAM Department during the SEAS Alumni Reunion weekend in May 2018. Kopacz, who earned her Ph.D. in applied mathematics and atmospheric chemistry at the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, currently works as program manager in NOAA’s Atmospheric Chemistry, Carbon Cycle, and Climate (AC4) Competitive Research Program. For more information, please see: "Program manager in NOAA’s Climate Office helps research projects take flight"

Hande Özturk (Ph.D. '15, Materials Science and Engineering), a former student of Prof. I.C. Noyan,  is now a tenure-track assistant professor in the Mechanical Engineering Department at Özyeğin University in Istanbul, Turkey.

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