APAM Faculty Featured in Engineering News


APAM faculty, including Katayun Barmak, Alexander Gaeta, Michal Lipson, Chris Marianetti, Aron Pinczuk, Vincent Quenneville-Bélair, Michael Weinstein, Francesco Volpe, Shalom Wind, Yuan Yang and Nanfang Yu, are featured in Columbia Engineering News. (Photos by Eileen Barroso & Jeffrey Schifman)

Michal Lipson & Alex Gaeta

Combing Through Streams of Light

Michael Weinstein & Nanfang Yu

Smooth Surfing of Optical Waves

Chris Marianetti

Theory Unlocks the Secrets at the Nanoscale

Aron Pinczuk & Shalom Wind

Artificial Graphene—Better than the Real Thing?

Katayun Barmak                                                                                


Alexander Gaeta, Michal Lipson, Chris Marianetti, Vincent Quenneville-Bélair, Francesco Volpe, Yuan Yang

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