APAM Faculty Honored at SEAS Faculty Excellence Celebration

APAM professors Simon Billinge, Allen Boozer, Pierre Gentine, David Keyes, Gerald Navratil, Richard Osgood, Steve Sabbagh, Adam Sobel and Michael Weinstein were honored at the SEAS Faculty Excellence Celebration on October 14, 2010.

The annual event celebrates the awards, honors, and recognitions earned by SEAS Faculty members during the previous academic year.

Photo: (left-right, bottom row) Aron Pinczuk, C.K. Chu, Michael Weinstein, Piere Gentine (top row) Richard Osgood, Irving Herman, and Adam Sobel


Recognition/Achievement Awards

Simon Billinge
Professor of Materials Science and of Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics
J.D. Hanawalt Award

For his contribution to the field of powder diffraction

Allen H. Boozer
Professor, Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics
Alfvén Prize from European Physical Society

For outstanding work in the formulation of criteria allowing stellarators to improve fast particle and neoclassical confinement

Faculty Award

Adam H. Sobel
Professor of Applied Mathematics
Clarence Leroy Meisinger Award from American Meteorological Society Council

For outstanding contributions to the understanding of the tropical atmosphere, through observational studies and analyses of idealized dynamical models.

Election to Professional Society

Michael I. Weinstein
Professor, Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics
Fellow, Society For Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM)

Named a fellow for his contributions to the analysis and applications of nonlinear waves

Best Paper Award

Steve Sabbagh
Adjunct Professor of Applied Physics
Nuclear Fusion Award from the International Atomic Energy Agency

"Resistive wall stabilized operation in rotating high beta NSTX plasmas”

Named Professors

David E. Keyes
The Fu Foundation Professor of Applied Mathematics

Gerald A. Navratil
Thomas Alva Edison Professor

Richard M. Osgood Jr.
Higgins Professor of Electrical Engineering

Pierre Gentine
The Ju Tang Chu and Wu Ping Chu Foundation Assistant Professor


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