Applied Mathematics Colloquium

The Applied Mathematics Colloquium meets on selected Tuesday afternoons during the academic year, from 2:45-3:45 p.m., in Room 214 Mudd (unless otherwise noted).

Qiang Du and Kyle Mandli

September 17, 2019
Henry Lam, IEOR/Columbia University
"Enhancing efficiency and flexibility of stochastic gradient estimation"

September 24, 2019,
John Schotland, University of Michigan
"Quantum Optics in Random Media"

September 26, 2019, Thursday, 1:10 PM - 2:00 PM, Mudd 303
Joint Applied Mathematics /Applied Probability and Risk Seminar

Jonathan Weare, NYU
"Fast randomized iterative numerical linear algebra for quantum chemistry and other applications"

September 27, 2019, Friday, 1:00 PM-2:00 PM, Mudd 214
Chandrajit Bajaj, University of Texas at Austin
"Learning the Koopman operator for dynamic data"

October 1, 2019
Yue Yu, Lehigh University
“A Multiscale/Multiphysics Coupling Framework for Bioprosthetic Heart Valves (BHVs) Damage”

October 11, 2019
Special date & time: Friday, 12:10 PM, 214 Mudd
Gadi Fibich, Tel Aviv University
"Diffusion of new products in social networks"

October 22, 2019
Charlie Epstein, University of Pennsylvania and Flatiron Institute
“The Geometry of the Phase Retrieval Problem”

October 29, 2019
Rustum Choksi, McGill University
"Optimal Quantization: Gersho's Conjecture in 3D and Navigating the Energy Landscape"

November 12, 2019
"Variational Implicit-Solvent Predictions of the Ligand-Receptor (Un)Binding Kinetics"

November 19, 2019
Miranda Holmes-Cerfon, NYU
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December 3, 2019
Ralph Smith, North Carolina State University
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December 4, 2019, 12-1 PM, 210 Mudd
Thomas Yizhao Hou, Caltech
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February 25, 2020
Alejandro Aceves, Southern Methodist University
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March 3, 2020
Chi-Wang Shu, Brown University
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April 7, 2020
Tim Warburton, Virgina Tech
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April 14, 2020
C.T. (Tim) Kelley, North Carolina State University
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April 21, 2020
Frank Giraldo, Naval Postgraduate School
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