Applied Mathematics Colloquium 2015-2016

Coordinators: Qiang Du and Kyle Mandli

Fall 20015

Kamel Riahi, NJIT
"Time domain decomposition algorithms: Application to neutronics and Optimization with partial differential equation constraints"
Host: Guillaume Bal

11/12/15 (Thursday, 2:45 PM, 214 Mudd)
Michael Bader, Technische Universität München
"Space-Filling Curves and Adaptive Meshes for Oceanic and Other Applications"
Host: Kyle Mandli

Yi Zhu, Tsinghua University
"Conservation-Dissipation Formalism of Non-equilibrium Thermodynamics"
Host: Michael Weinstein

Graeme Milton, University Utah
"Elastic Metamaterials"
Host: Michael Weinstein

Douglas Arnold, University of Minnesota
"Computing spectra without solving eigenvalue problems"
Hosts: Vincent Quenneville-Bélair & Qiang Du

Spring 2016

Raytcho Lazarov, Texas A&M University
"Numerical Simulation of Flows in Highly Heterogeneous Porous Media: Upscaling and Preconditioning"
Host: Qiang Du

Brittany Froese, NJIT
"Numerical Optimal Transportation Using the Monge-Ampere Equation"
Host: Kyle Mandli


Stewart Silling, Sandia National Lab
"Using Peridynamics to Understand Fracture"
Host: Qiang Du

Tom Hou, Caltech
"The interplay between theory and computation in the study of 3D Euler equations"
Host: Qiang Du

David Shirokoff, NJIT
"Approximate global minimizers to pairwise interaction problems"
Host: Kyle Mandli

Michael Miksis, Northwestern University
"Dynamics of Complex Interfaces in Electric Fields"
Host: Qiang Du

Marc Hesse, University of Texas
"Strange things that go down when you'e dropping acid:
A hyperbolic analysis of pH-fronts in porous media"

Host: Kyle Mandli

Maria-Carme Calderer, University of Minnesota
"New Perspectives in Mathematical Liquid Crystals Research"
Host: Qiang Du

Erwan Koch, ETH Zurich
"Space–Time Max-Stable Models with Spectral Separability"
Host: Adam Sobel


Special Materials Science & Engineering / Applied Mathematics Seminar
Charles A. Bouman, Purdue University

"Integrated Imaging: Creating Images from the Tight Integration of Algorithms, Computation, and Sensors"
Host: Simon Billinge

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