Applied Mathematics Colloquium 2017-2018

Coordinators: Qiang Du & Kyle Mandli


Benjamin Seibold, Temple University
"Phantom Traffic Jams, Autonomous Vehicles, and the Future of Traffic Modeling"
Host: Kyle Mandli

Craig Michoski, University of Texas, Austin
"The Blended Isogeometric Discontinuous Galerkin Method in Exascale Computing"
Host: Kyle Mandli

Joint Applied Mathematics Colloquium / SEAS Colloquium in Climate Science
Michael Ghil, Ecole Normale Supérieure & UCLA
"Climate Change & Climate Variability: A Unified Mathematical Framework"
Host: Michael Tippett

Talea Mayo, University of Central Florida
"Hurricane Storm Surge Modeling: Prediction, Risk Analysis, and Uncertainty Reduction"
Host: Kyle Mandli


Zhiming Chen, Chinese Academy of Sciences
"The Reverse Time Migration Method for Inverse Scattering Problems"
Host: Qiang Du

Clint Dawson, University of Texas
"High Performance Computing and Algorithms for Hurricane Storm Surge Modeling: Current State and Future Outlook"
Host: Kyle Mandli

Darren Engwirda, NASA GISS
"Multi-resolution ocean modelling: unstructured grids, mimetic formulations and hybrid coordinates"
Host: Kyle Mandli


Distinguished Applied Mathematics Colloquium
Wednesday, 2:45 PM, 750 CEPSR
Russel Caflisch, Director, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, NYU 
“Signal Fragmentation for Low Frequency Radio Transmission”
Contact: Michael I. Weinstein

Tuesday, 2:45 PM - Applied Mathematics Colloquium
Lisa Fauci, Tulane University
"Confined helical swimmers and coupled oscillators: two studies in elastohydrodynamics"
Host: Qiang Du

Thursday, 2:45 PM - Special Applied Mathematics Seminar
"Hybrid Imaging with Nonlinear Physics: Modeling, Simulation and Analysis"


Wednesday, 3:45 PM -  Special Applied Mathematics Seminar
"The analysis and application of optimal transport related misfit functions in seismic imaging"

Thursday, 2:45 PM - Special Applied Mathematics Seminar
"Water waves: breaking, peaking and disintegration"

Thursday, 2:45 PM - Special Applied Mathematics Seminar
"Pattern formation on the sphere"


Friday, 3:30 PM - Special Applied Mathematics Seminar
"Efficient Ensemble Methods for the Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equations"

Monday, 2:45 PM - Special Applied Mathematics Seminar
"Electronic Structure of Relaxed Incommensurate 2D Heterostructures"

2/6/18 - Special Applied Mathematics / SIAM Seminar
Refreshments: 2:00-2:30 PM, Room 200 Mudd (APAM Department)
Seminar: 2:30-3:30 PM, Davis Auditorium, 412 CEPSR, 412 CEPSR
Dr. Cathy O'Neil, author of Weapons of Math Destruction
"Data, Algorithms, and their Consequences for Society"

Thursday, 2:45 PM - Special Applied Mathematics Seminar
"Computation of Crystalline Defects (A Numerical Analysis Perspective)"

Tuesday, 2:45 PM - Special Applied Mathematics Seminar
"Interpolative decomposition and its applications"

Thursday, 2:45 PM - Applied Mathematics Colloquium
Jiajun Tong, Courant/NYU
"Directed migration of microscale swimmers induced by an array of shaped obstacles: modeling and shape optimization"
Host: Qiang Du

Tuesday, 2:45 PM
Pedro Doria Maia, Department of Radiology & Brain and Mind Research Institute, Weill Cornell Medicine
"Computational Neurology and Translational Modeling of Brain Disorders"
Host: Kyle Mandli

Tuesday, 2:45 PM - Applied Mathematics Colloquium
Marta Lewicka, University of Pittsburgh
"Elasticity with residual stress and related problems"
Host: Qiang Du

3/22/18 - Distinguished Colloquium Series in Interdisciplinary and Applied Mathematics
Thursday, 2:45 PM, 545 Mudd
Bjorn Engquist, The University of Texas at Austin
"Computational multiscale modeling"

Tuesday, 2:45 PM
Robert Kirby, Baylor University
"Mixed finite elements for nonlinearly damped tide models"
Host: Kyle Mandli

Tuesday, 2:45 PM
Rachel Ward, University of Texas, Austin
"Learning the learning rate in stochastic gradient descent"
Host: Qiang Du

Tuesday, 2:45 PM
Marsha Berger, Courant Institute, NYU
"Modeling and Simulation of Asteroid-Generated Tsunamis"
Host: Kyle Mandli

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