Applied Mathematics Faculty


Daniel Bienstock

Applied mathematics, methodology and high-performance implementation of optimization algorithms, applications of optimization: preventing national-scale blackouts, emergency management, approximate solution of massively large optimization problems, higher-dimensional reformulation techniques for integer programming, robust optimization

Qiang Du

Numerical analysis, mathematical modeling and scientific computation with selected applications in physical, biological, materials, data and information sciences
Eitan Grinspun

Computer graphics and scientific computing, computational mechanics, mathematical foundations of graphics, discrete differential geometry, computer science

Kyle Mandli

Computational and analytical aspects of geophysical problems dealing with shallow mass; Development of adaptive mesh re finement strategies for geophysics; Design and implementation of wave propagation software
Lorenzo M. Polvani

Atmospheric and climate dynamics, geophysical fluid dynamics, numerical methods for weather and climate modeling, planetary atmospheres


Kui Ren

Numerical analysis, scientific computation, applied analysis and partial differential equations, inverse problems and imaging, random graphs and networks, kinetic modeling and simulations

Amir Sagiv

Differential equations, dynamics, optics, uncertainty quantification, approximation theory, numerical analysis, and mathematical analysis.

Adam H. Sobel

Atmospheric and climate dynamics, tropical meteorology, extreme weather
Marc W. Spiegelman

Advanced computation for multi-physics problems with applications to coupled fluid-solid mechanics in Earth Sciences (e.g. magma dynamics, carbon sequestration)

Michael Tippett

Predictability and variability of the climate system, with emphasis on the application of statistical methods to data from observations and numerical models


Michael I. Weinstein

Applied and fundamental mathematics, partial differential equations, multi-scale analysis, dynamical systems; waves in nonlinear, inhomogeneous and random media; applications to optics and photonics, quantum and fluid systems
Chris H. Wiggins

Applied mathematics, mathematical biology, biopolymer dynamics, soft condensed matter, genetic networks and network inference, machine learning

Drew Youngren

Microlocal Analysis, Partial Differential Equations, Mathematics Education


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