The applied mathematics program is flexible and intensive. A student must take the required courses listed below, or prove equivalent standing, and then may elect the other courses from mathematics, computer science, physics, Earth and environmental sciences, biophysics, economics, business and finance, or other application fields. Each student tailors his or her own program in close collaboration with an adviser. He or she must also register for the applied mathematics seminar during both the junior and senior years. During the junior year, the student attends the seminar lectures for 0 points; during the senior year, he or she attends the seminar lectures as well as tutorial problem sessions for 3 or 4 points.

While it is common for students in the program to go on to graduate school, many graduating seniors will find employment directly in industry, government, education, or other fields.

Of the 27 points of elective content in the third and fourth years, at least 15 points of technical courses approved by the adviser must be taken. The remaining points of electives are intended primarily as an opportunity to complete the four-year, 27-point nontechnical requirement, but any type of course work can satisfy them.

Transfers into the Applied Mathematics Program from other majors require a GPA of 3.0 or above, ad the approval by the Applied Mathematics Program Chair.

Please note: If you are not a SEAS student, you must adhere to the program guidelines and requirements in the Columbia College Bulletin, Barnard Catalog, or on the General Studies website.

SEAS Applied Mathematics Undergraduate Curriculum

Bulletin update (5/22/2020):
With permission of faculty advisor, students demonstrating familiarity with computational mathematics using Python may waive course requirement and use 3 credits for another technical course.

Specialty Areas in Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics

Both applied physics and applied mathematics students can focus their technical electives and develop a strong base of knowledge in a specialty area. There is no requirement to focus electives, so students may take as many or as few of the recommended courses in a specialty area as is appropriate to their schedules and interests. Some specialties are given below, but this is not an exclusive list and others can be worked out in coordination with the student's adviser. The courses that are often taken, or in some cases need to be taken, in the junior year are denoted with a "J."

For more information, please see Technical Electives

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