Bal Hosts Inverse Problems Workshop

A workshop on Inverse Problems and Imaging at Columbia University was held on May 3-4, 2007 in the Davis Auditorium on the Morningside campus. Funded by the National Science Foundation and the APAM Department and organized by Prof. Guillaume Bal and Dr. Kui Ren (with a special session on systems biology organized by Prof. Chris Wiggins), the workshop brought together about 50 participants to hear 16 Columbia researchers talk about their latest achievements in areas related to inverse problems and imaging.

Inverse problems and imaging methods are ubiquitous throughout applied sciences. The objective of the workshop was to have researchers coming from different backgrounds expose their problems, methodologies, and solutions and exchange ideas with the hope that this would result in cross-pollination and research collaborations. Many (though not all) areas of inverse problems and imaging at Columbia were represented at the workshop, with speakers coming from APAM, Biomedical Engineering, Computer Science, Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, and the Medical School. Covered applications included climate and cyclone prediction, computer graphics, plasma physics, numerous modalities in medical imaging, optimization, financial mathematics, biological sciences, chemistry, and materials science.

Inverse problems and imaging in their various applications share many similar mathematical and computational challenges. Collaborations will undoubtedly help us to find and disseminate robust solutions to such challenges. It is with this belief in mind that the workshop was organized and that courses on inverse problems were taught at APAM in recent years (by Guillaume Bal in the Spring of ’04 on theoretical inverse problems and by Kui Ren in the Spring of ‘07 on theoretical and computational inverse problems).

It is the wish of the organizers that more interactions between Columbia researchers will be made possible in the near future within this essential field of applied sciences.

2007 Workshop on Inverse Problems Poster

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