Beshers Wins Zener Medal Award

Prof. Daniel Beshers was awarded the Zener Medal at the International Conference on Internal Friction and Mechanical Spectroscopy in Perugia, Italy, last summer. The award recognizes a lifetime of measuring and explaining evidence of atomic motion inside crystalline solids, particularly in ferromagnetic materials.

A member of the Columbia University faculty since 1957, Beshers, professor emeritus of metallurgy at Columbia’s Henry Krumb School of Mines, is a special lecturer in the materials science and engineering program in the department of applied physics and applied mathematics at the university. His career has focused mainly on internal friction; particularly noteworthy are studies which established the detailed path of the diffusion of carbon atoms in iron, others which revealed the law of breakaway of dislocations from surrounding impurities, and others which gave new insights into the nature of ferromagnetic hysteresis. Beshers is a life member of the Minerals, Metals, and Materials Society and ASM International—The Materials Information Society—and a member of Sigma Xi. He has also received the Education Award from the New York chapter of ASM.

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