Career Events Featuring APAM Alumni

Dec 06 2019 | By Kristen Henlin, Career Placement Officer

The APAM Department had the pleasure of hosting fourteen unique employers for career oriented events this semester, nine of which were led by APAM alumni. Our career events ranged from roundtable discussions on transitioning out of academia to informational sessions on how to land an interview.

Medical Physics students had the opportunity to connect with John L McLean (MS ‘04, Medical Physics) from BioMed Associates, George Pavlonnis (MS ‘01, Medical Physics) CEO of Accelerated Medical Physics Services, and Jacob Kamen (PhD ‘91, Medical Physics) Chief Radiation and Laser Safety Office at Mount Sinai Health System.

Students were given tips on breaking into the field of Data Science at Ebay and Bank of America from APAM alumni Yuri Brovman (PhD ‘11, Applied Physics) and Meninder Purewal (PhD ‘08, Applied Mathematics). Students also learned about life at Bloomberg Tradebook from Yurij Baransky (PhD ‘87, Applied Physics). Kelley Litzner (MS ’08, Applied Physics) spoke with undergraduate and graduate students about the Emerging Technologies Laboratory at Lockheed Martin, and Endri Mani (MS ’15, Materials Science and Engineering) hosted a talk about “Machine Learning in Finance” at RBC Capital Markets.

If you are interested in assisting APAM students in navigating their next steps in the spring semester, reach out to Career Placement Officer, Kristen Henlin, at