Chen Featured in the New York Times, Scientific American, & The Chronicle of Higher Education

C. Julian Chen, Adjunct Professor in Applied Physics and Senior Research Scientist, (former student of Prof. Osgood), was featured in The New York Times- “Solar- Powered White House No Longer a ‘Kooky’ Idea”, Scientific American - “Where Did the Carter White House’s Solar Panels Go?”, and The Chronicle of Higher Education - “Unity College Gives Solar Panels From Carter White House to China”.

The Chronicle of Higher Education states “Unity College, in Maine, will give 2 solar panels to a Chinese solar-energy entrepreneur, to be placed in a museum in China. These aren’t just any old solar panels. They are part of an array of 32 panels that once produced hot water for the White House during President Jimmy Carter’s administration, but were taken down when Ronald Reagan took office.”

Prof. Chen helped arrange the donation of the solar panels to the Solar Science and Technology Museum in China. In Scientific American Chen states “In the U.S. everyone already has a hot water system heated by natural gas, oil or electricity. More than 80 percent of Chinese people do not have hot water; they need it. If you start from scratch, the solar water heater is cheaper.”

In The New York Times he states “The energy problems that trouble other large economies, such as Japan, China and India have made them far more serious about pursuing alternative energy than the United States. For many many decades, the United States was the absolute leader of renewable energy applications, then we let our position slip. It’s time to take it back.”

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