Chu's 70th Birthday Symposium

A symposium to celebrate the 70th birthday of Prof. C.K. Chu, "Modern Development in Computational Fluid Dynamics and Computational Plasma Physics", was held May 14-15, 1998 at Columbia University.

The symposium served two purposes. First, it brought together some leading experts in the modern developments of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Computational Plasma Physics (CPP) and promoted discussions of the common mathematical and computational underpinnings of the applications of CFD and CPP found in a variety of disciplines. Secondly, the symposium was a celebration of the 70th of Prof. C.K. Chu, the long-time leader of the Applied Mathematics Program at Columbia.

The celebration also coincided with the official announcement of the Department of Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics as the new name of the departmental home of Applied Mathematics at Columbia.

The symposium consisted of three sessions broadly titled "Applications", "Numerical Methods and Analysis", and "Modern Developments".

Invited speakers included Amitava Bhattacharjee, Bjorn Engquist, Paul Garabedian, David Gottlieg, Roy W. Gould, Tom Hou, Grafton Hui, Heinz Otto Kreiss, Peter Lax, Stanely Osher, Wonchull Park, Stephen Schneider, Theodore Y. Wu, and S.T. Yau. The symposium was organized by Michael Mauel, Da Hsuan Feng, Lorenzo Polvani, Norman Christ, and Morton Friedman.

Symposium schedule of events

Symposium poster

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