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Lipson Elected into National Academy of Sciences

Michal Lipson, the Eugene Higgins Professor of Electrical Engineering and Professor of Applied Physics, was elected to the National Academy of Sciences in recognition of her “continuing and distinguished achievements in original research.”

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Understanding Cobalt Oxide - A Promising Artificial Photosynthesis Catalyst

Simon Billinge, Professor of Materials Science and Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics, is part of a team of scientists who have made important progress in understanding one of the most promising artificial photosynthesis catalysts, cobalt oxide. Their findings were recently published in PNAS.
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Gang: Nanoscale Sculpturing Leads to Unusual Packing of Nanocubes

Oleg Gang, Professor of Chemical Engineering and Applied Physics and Material Science, is part of a team of scientists from Columbia Engineering and Brookhaven National Laboratory who has shown that cube-shaped nanoparticles, or nanocubes, coated with single-stranded DNA chains, assemble into an unusual “zigzag” arrangement that has never been observed before at the nanoscale or macroscale. Their discovery is reported in Sciences Advances.

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