Dedication of the Ju Tan Chu and Wu Ping Chu Computer Room

The Dedication of the the Ju Tang Chu and Wu Ping Chu Computer Room took place on Monday, November 27, 1995 at 5:00 PM in the Department of Applied Physics.

The Ju Tang Chu and Wu Ping Chu Computer Room is located in 292C Enineering Terrace. For many years, it housed the RUSS (remote user service) facility that linked the Plasma Physics theorists and experimentalists to the National Fusion Energy Network at Livermore. More recently, it has become a room for the Applied Mathematics work stations.

The renovation and redecoration of this room was made possible by a generous donation from the children of Mr. Ju Tang Chu and Mrs. Wu Ping Chu on the occasion of their 96th birthdays.

The Chinese calligraphy in the room is the work of C. C. Wang, the foremost Chinese calligrapher in New York. It is a quote from Liu Yu-Hsi  (Tang Dynasty, 618-907), who wrote the famous “Ode to a Shabby Room.” It roughly translates into “this is indeed a shabby room, but our intellects shall radiate.”

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