Did you know?

In the past two years . . . .

Bal won the 2011 Calderon Prize.

Billinge won the 2010 Hanawalt Award.

Boozer won the 2010 Alfven Prize.

Sobel won the 2011 Meisinger Award.

Venkataraman won a 2011 Sloan Fellowship.

Weinstein was named a 2010 SIAM Fellow.

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In the past two years . . . .

Nick Fuller received the 2010 Black Engineer of the Year Award.

Melinda Han won the 2011 Simon Prize.

Ralph Izzo spoke at the 2011 SEAS Class Day.

Bahram Jalali became an APS Fellow in 2011.

Kui Ren is an Assistant Professor at the Univ. of Texas, Austin.

Andrew Ying won the 2011 Baumert Award.

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