Edward L. Nickoloff (1942-2019)

Medical Physics
Former Affiliated Faculty

Research Interests

radiation dosimetry, CT dosimetry and digital imaging systems, image quality assessments, x-ray spectrum analysis, quality control measurements


Professor Emeritus of Environmental Health Sciences (Radiation Physics), Mailman School of Public Health and Professor Emeritus of Radiology, College of Physicians and Surgeons (home department)


Dr. Nickoloff was an Emeritus Professor of Radiology at the Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons and Chief Hospital Physicist at the Columbia University Medical Center for 33 years.

As professor of Environmental Health Sciences with a focus on Radiation Physics, Dr. Nickoloff was an expert on the scientific principals of medical imaging and radiation doses from radiological procedures and biological effects induced from radiation exposures. In this capacity, he was involved in quality control testing of x-ray units, mammography units, fluoroscopy systems, CT scanners, MRI and ultrasound units, ensuring that regulatory requirements were met and safe and effective diagnostic information was provided. In addition to teaching graduate students and radiology residents about the physics associated with medical imaging, Dr. Nickoloff also conducted research in radiology imaging and radiation dosimetry.

Dr. Nickoloff lectured extensively at scientific conferences across the country, wrote two books on the subject of Radiation Physics; a book used extensively in Radiology Residency programs across the USA, published 150 journal articles, 57 peer reviewed journal articles, 87 abstracts and held 24 offices in professional organizations.

Selected Professional Affiliations

▪ Past Chairman, American College of Radiology
▪ Past President, Radiological and Medical Physics society of NY
▪ Past Secretary of American Board of Medical Physics
▪ Fellow American College of Radiology
▪ Fellow American Association of Physicist in Medicine
▪ Fellow American College of Medical Physics

Selected Honors and Awards

▪ 2001 Sadek Hilal Research Award
▪ 2004 Best Publication JACMP
▪ 2006 Best Publication in JACMP
▪ Certifcate of Merit for 2006 RSNA Poster
▪ Ribbon of Scientific Merit for 2006 AAPM Poster

Selected Editorial Boards

▪ Radiographics
▪ Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics
▪ Journal of Nuclear Medicine

Selected Global Activities

International Atomic Energy Association
Training programs for medical physicists around the world.

Select Publications

Nickoloff EL and Alderson PO "A Comparative Study of Thoracic Radiation Doses fro a 64-Slice Cardiac CT" British Journal of Radiology July 2007

Nickoloff El, Lu ZF, Dutta AK, So J, Balter S and Moses J "Influence of Flat Panel Fluoroscopy Equipment Variables upon Cardiac Radiation doses" CVIR 2007

Nickoloff EL "Radiology Review: Radiological Physics" Elsevier and Saunders Publishing NY 2005

Lu ZF, Nickoloff EL, Ruzal-Shapiro CB, So JC and Dutta AK "New Fluoroscopy Systems for Pediatric Appications" Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics 6(4) 1-18 2005

Lu Zf, Nickoloff EL, So JC abd Dutta Ak "Comparison of Computed Radiography and Film-Screen Combination Using a Contrast-Detail Phantom" Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics 4(1) 91-98 2003

Nickoloff EL, Dutta AK and Lu ZF "Influence of Phantom Diameter, kVp and Scan Mode Upon CTDI" Medical Physics 4(1) 395-402 2003

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