Faculty of the Applied Physics and Nuclear Engineering (APNE) Department

On June 5, 1978 the Trustees officially revised the statutes of Columbia University to create the Department of Applied Physics and Nuclear Engineering (APNE). The Department formally began operation on July 1, 1978.

Faculty of the Department of Applied Physics & Nuclear Engineering
Prof. Robert Gross, Chair

Budgetary faculty members
Prof. C. K. Chu
Prof. Herbert Goldstein
Prof. William Havens
Prof. Shane Johnston
Prof. Leon Lidofsky
Prof. Thomas Marshall
Prof. Edward Melkonian
Prof. Amir Nahavandi (joint with ChEAC)
Prof. Gerald Navratil

Non-budgetary faculty members
Prof. Henry Foley (Physics)
Prof. Morton Friedman (Civil Eng. & Eng. Mech.)
Prof. Will Happer (Physics)
Prof. Arthur Nowick (Mining, Metallurgical and Mineral Eng.)
Prof. Perry Schlesinger (Elec. Eng. & Comp. Sci.)
Prof. Amiya Sen (Elec. Eng. & Comp. Sci.)
Prof. Malvin Teich (Elec. Eng. & Comp. Sci.)

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