Faculty Awards, Distinctions, and Books

Faculty Awards and Distinctions

Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellow

Latha Venkataraman, 2011
Simon Billinge, 1995-1997
Gerald Navratil, 1984

Alfven Prize
Allen Boozer, 2010

American Academy of Arts and Sciences Fellow
Mark Cane
Aron Pinczuk
Horst Stormer

American Association for the Advancement of Science Fellow
Mark Cane
Aron Pinczuk

American Ceramic Society Fellow
Siu-Wai Chan, 2008

American Crystallographic Association Warren Award
Simon Billinge, 2018

American Geophysical Union Atmospheric Science Section Ascent Award
Adam Sobel, 2014

American Geophysical Union Fellow
Mark Cane
Lorenzo Polvani
Marc Spiegelman

American Mathematical Society Fellow
Qiang Du, 2020
Michael Weinstein, 2013

American Meteorological Society Fellow
Mark Cane
Lorenzo Polvani

American Meteorological Society Meisinger Award
Adam Sobel, 2009

American Meteorological Society Sverdrup Gold Medal
Mark Cane, 1992

American Physical Society Fellows
Simon Billinge
Allen Boozer
Siu-Wai Chan
C.K. Chu
Alexander Gaeta
Irving Herman
Thomas Marshall
Michael Mauel
Gerald Navratil
Gertrude Neumark
I.C. Noyan
Richard Osgood
Aron Pinczuk
Lorenzo Polvani
Steve Sabbagh
Amiya Sen
Horst Stormer
Latha Venkataraman
Wen Wang
Chris Wiggins

American Physical Society Dawson Award
Gerald Navratil, 2007

American Physical Society Oliver E. Buckley Prize
Aron Pinczuk, 1994
Horst Stormer, 1984

Army Research Office Young Investigator Award
Alexander Gaeta, 1995

Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Gordon Bell Prize Finalist
Qiang Du, 2016

AXA Award in Climate and Extreme Weather
Adam Sobel, 2014

Blavatnik Award
Michal Lipson

Cody Award in Ocean Sciences from Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Mark Cane, 2003

DARPA Young Faculty Award
Nanfang Yu, 2015
Chris Marianetti, 2013

Deutscheforschunggemeinschaft Fellowship
Katayn Barmak, 1994

Franklin Medal in Physics of the Franklin Institute
Horst Stormer, 1998

Fulbright Scholarship
Simon Billinge, 2011

Fusion Power Associates Distinguished Career Award
Robert Gross, 1993

Fusion Power Associates Leadership Award
Gerald Navratil, 2006

Fusion Power Associates Excellence in Fusion Engineering Award
Francesco Volpe, 2015
Michael Mauel, 2000

Goethe Universitaet, Honorary Ph.D.
Horst Stormer, 2002

Guggenheim Fellows
Siu-Wai Chan, 2003
Wen Wang, 2000
Richard Osgood, 1989
C.K. Chu, 1971-72

Hanawalt Award
I.C. Noyan 2019
Simon Billinge, 2010

Harry Fielding Reid Medal of the Seismological Society of America
Christopher Scholz, 2016

IBM Faculty Award
Michal Lipson

IEEE Fellow
Alexander Gaeta
Michal Lipson
Richard Osgood
Wen Wang

IEEE Photonics Award
Michal Lipson, 2019

Knight’s Commanders Cross of the Order of Merit, Germany
Horst Stormer, 1999

MacArthur Fellow
Michal Lipson

National Academy of Sciences,
Jefferson Science Fellow, U.S. Department of State

Michael Mauel, 2006

National Academy of Sciences Member
Mark Cane
Michal Lipson
Horst Stormer

National Academy of Sciences Comstock Prize in Physics
Michal Lipson

Naval Research Young Investigator Award
Alexander Gaeta, 1993

New York City Mayor’s Award for Excellence in Science and Technology
Horst Stormer, 2000

Nobel Prize
Horst Stormer, 1998 in Physics

NSF Early Career Award
Michal Lipson

Officier dans L’Ordre de la Legion d’Honneur, France
Horst Stormer

Optical Society of America Fellow
Alexander Gaeta
Irving Herman
Michal Lipson
Richard Osgood

Optical Society of America, Charles H. Townes Award

Alexander Gaeta, 2019

Optical Society of America, R.W. Wood Award
Richard Osgood, 1991

Otto Klung Physics Award, Freie Universitat
Horst Stormer, 1985

Packard Fellowship in Science and Engineering
Latha Venkataraman, 2008
Adam Sobel, 2000

SIAM Fellow
Qiang Du, 2013
Michael Weinstein, 2010

SIAM Martin Kruskal Prize
Michael Weinstein, 2018

SIAM Outstanding Paper Prize
Qiang Du  (2016, with Xiaochuan Tian)

Simons Foundation Math+X Investigator Award
Michael Weinstein, 2015

Universidad Autonoma of Madrid, Honorary Doctorate
Aron Pinczuk

University of Minnesota, Distinguished Ordway Visitor
Michael Weinstein, 2011-2012

Vetlesen Prize

Mark A. Cane, 2017

Web of Science Group: Highly Cited Researcher
Alexander Gaeta, 2019

Young Investigator Award
Chris Marianetti (NSF Career Award 2012)
Latha Venkataraman (NSF Career Award 2008)
Thomas Pedersen (Department of Fusion Energy Sciences, Junior Faculty Award 2002, NSF Career Award 2005)
William Bailey (Army Research Office 2002, NSF Career Award 2003)
Adam Sobel (NASA New Investigator Award 2001)
Katayun Barmak (National Young Investigator Award 1994)
Lorenzo Polvani (NSF Young Investigator Award 1994)
Siu-Wai Chan (Presidential Faculty Fellow 1993)


Columbia University Awards

Great Teacher Award (Society of Columbia Graduates from CC and SEAS)
Lorenzo Polvani, 2008
C.K. Chu, 1985
Thomas Marshall, 1984
Amiya Sen, 1984

Honorary Doctor of Science
C.K. Chu, 2006
Gertrude Neumark (deceased), 2008

Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory Mentoring Award
Adam Sobel, 2010

Research Initiatives in Science and Engineering (RISE) Competition
Chris Marianetti, 2013
Latha Venkataraman, 2016
Yuan Yang, 2017

School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS) Awards
Katayun Barmak (SEAS Kim Award for Faculty Involvement 2017)
Siu-Wai Chan (SEAS Janette and Armen Avanessians Diversity Award 2012)
Latha Venkataraman (SEAS Kim Award for Faculty Involvement 2010)
Aron Pinczuk (SEAS Janette and Armen Avanessians Diversity Award 2008)
Chris Wiggins (SEAS Janette and Armen Avanessians Diversity Award 2007)
Marc Spiegelman (SEAS Alumni Teaching Award, SEAS Kim Award 2004)
Lorenzo Polvani (Distinguished Faculty Teaching Award, SEAS Alumni Assoc. 1997)
Michael Mauel (Teacher of the Year, SEAS Undergraduates 1994)
I.C. Noyan (Adjunct Faculty Award for excellence in teaching 1993)
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Faculty Service

American Ceramic Society
Siu-Wai Chan, chair of the Electronics Division 2007

American Meteorological Society:
Committee for Atmospheric and Oceanic Fluid Dynamics
Adam Sobel, member 2005, chair 2007-present

American Physical Society, Executive Committee of the Plasma Physics
Allen Boozer, secretary/treasurer 1989-1990, Chair 1998-2001
Michael Mauel, 1989-1990, vice-chair of Plasma Physics 2001-2002
Gerald Navratil, 2000, 2001

American Physical Society
Thomas Marshall, member Study Group on Directed Energy Weapons 1985-l987
Thomas Marshall, report to APS publication in Review of Modern Physics, July 1987
Renata Wentzcovitch, chair of the Division of Computational Physics, 2019-2020

American Vacuum Society, Surface Science Division
Richard Osgood, executive board member 2007 - present

Brookhaven National Laboratory Scientific Advisory Board
Richard Osgood, vice-chair 1998-2000

CLIVAR (Climate Variability and Predictability project of the World
Climate Research Programme (WCRP)

Mark Cane, co-chair International CLIVAR NEG-1, Co-chair U.S. 1995-1998

CLIVAR/PAGES Working Group

Mark Cane, 2000-2005

Continuing Education of the American Crystallographic Association
Simon Billinge, Secretary 2003-2005, Chairman of the Executive Committee 2005-2007

DARPA Defense Sciences Research Council
Richard Osgood, member of steering committee 1991-1998

Department of Basic Energy Sciences
Richard Osgood, advisory committee member 1989-1991
Richard Osgood, chair of Facilities Committee of Visitors 2007
Richard Osgood, member of Energy Research Advisory Panel on Advanced Isotope Separation 1980

International Commission on Powder Diffraction of the Union of Crystallography
Simon Billinge, Executive Committee 2005-2007

Materials Research Society
Katayun Barmak, Technical Chair MRS Meeting 1999
Richard Osgood, councilor 1984-1986

Nation Academy of Science (NAS) Boards: Army Science & Technology
Richard Osgood, board on DIA

National Science Foundation Workshop on Cyber Infrastructure for Materials Science
Simon Billinge, Chairman 2006

Neutron Scattering Society of America
Simon Billinge, Vice President 2005-2008  

Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics
Qiang Du, Chair of SIAM Activity Group on Mathematical Aspects of Materials Science 2016-2018

US National Committee on Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, the National Academies
Qiang Du, USNC-TAM committee member 2016-2019

University Fusion Association Executive Committee
Allen Boozer, president 1992
Michael Mauel, president 1997-1998
Gerald Navratil, executive committee 1986-1988; 2000-present, secretary/treasurer 1988-1989, vice-president 1990; 2003-2004, president 1991; 2005-2006
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Faculty Books

Katayun Barmak (with Kevin Coffey, eds.,) "Metallic Films for Electronic, Optical and Magnetic Applications: Structure, Processing and Properties," Woodhead Publishing Series in Electronic and Optical Materials, No. 40, 2014.

Daniel Bienstock, "Potential Function Methods for Approximately Solving Linear Programming Problems Theory and Practice," Kluwer Academic Publishers, Boston, 2002.

Daniel Bienstock, "Electrical Transmission System Cascades and Vulnerability: An Operations Research Viewpoint," Mathematical Optimization Society and the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, 2015.

S. J. L. Billinge (with T. Egami,) "Underneath the Bragg Peaks: Structural Analysis of Complex Materials," Elsevier Science, Oxford, 2004.

Herbert Goldstein (deceased), "Classical Mechanics," Addison Wesley, 3rd edition, 2002.

Robert A. Gross (Emeritus), "Fusion Energy," John Wiley & Sons, New York, 1984.

Irving P. Herman, "Physics of the Human Body," Springer, Berlin-Heidelberg-New York, 1st edition, 2007, 2nd edition 2015.

Irving P. Herman, "Optical Diagnostics for Thin Film Processing," Academic Press, Inc., 1996.

Thomas C. Marshall (Emeritus), "Free Electron Lasers," Macmillan, New York, 1985.

I.C. Noyan (with J. Cohen,) "Residual Stress: Measurement by Diffraction and Interpretation," Springer-Verlag, New York 1987.

Christopher Scholz, "Stick-Slip", CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2014.

Adam H. Sobel (with T. Schneider, eds.), "The Global Circulation of the Atmosphere," Princeton University Press, 2007.

Adam H. Sobel, "Storm Surge," Harper-Collins, 2014.

Adjunct Faculty Books

Antonoyiannakis, Manolis & Tsetseris, Leonidas (translators/editors), Trachanas, Stefanos (author), "An Introduction to Quantum Physics: A First Course for Physicists, Chemists, Materials Scientists, and Engineers," Wiley-VCH, Berlin, 2017.

C. Julian Chen, "Elements of the Human Voice," World Scientific Publishing Co., 2016.

C. Julian Chen, "Physics of Solar Energy," John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2011.

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