Fall 2008 Current Student News & Alumni News

Current Student News

Seth Davidovits, Applied Mathematics Junior, interned at Argonne National Laboratory, working in computational biology.

Valla Fatemi, Applied Physics Junior, was part of the NSEC REU program on campus this past summer at Columbia, working in the lab of Prof. Latha Venkataraman.

David Goluskin, Applied Mathematics Graduate Student, interned at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, CO, working on problems in magnetohydrodynamic turbulence relevant to solar physics.

Brian Grierson, Plasma Physics Graduate Student, was invited to present a talk at the APS-Division of Plasma Physics 2008 meeting in Dallas, TX on Nov. 20, 2008, on “Global and Local Characterization of Turbulent and Chaotic Structures in a Dipole-Confined Plasma”. His work “The Turbulent Structure of a Plasma Confined by a Magnetic Dipole” will be published in Nuclear Fusion.

Derek Hernandez, Applied Physics Junior (3/2), spent last summer working for the Student Conservation Association (SCA).
Wakana Kirihata, Applied Mathematics Junior, interned at IBM Almaden Research Center this past summer, where she worked with Dr. James Kaufman and Dr. Barbara Jones. She was a contributing author on the paper “Assessing the Accuracy of Spatiotemporal Epidemiological Models” by James H. Kaufman, Joanna L. Conant, Daniel A. Ford, Wakana Kirihata, Barbara Jones, and Judith V. Douglas.

Braxton Osting, Applied Mathematics Graduate Student, interned at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC) this past summer. He worked with the Advanced Computational Department to design an optimal accelerator cavity structure using PDE constrained optimization methods.

Erich Owens, Applied Mathematics Senior (3/2), interned at NASA this past summer.


Alumni News

Sarah Angelini, B.S. Applied Physics ‘05, presented at the Applied Physics Undergraduate Seminar taught by Prof. Pedersen. She recently finished her masters at M.I.T. and is now working in New Jersey.

Chris Hegna, Ph.D. Applied Physics ‘89, presented a talk this fall at the Plasma Physics Colloquium at Columbia University on “Nonlinear regime of ideal ballooning instabilities." He is currently a professor in Engineering Physics at the University of Wisconsin.

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