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Another term. Another exciting newsletter!

Lorenzo Polvani was awarded the Great Teacher Award. The Medical Physics masters program gained accreditation through CAMPEP. Many thanks to Cev Noyan, C.-S. Wu, and John and Marlene Arbo for spearheading this process. Chris Marinanetti joined our faculty. Latha Venkataraman won the very prestigious Packard Fellowship. Thomas Pedersen hosted a workshop on non-neutral plasmas.

With this issue we also welcome our new Department Administrator, Dina Amin. Faculty report on their activities of last year (Adam Sobel in Australia) and for next year (David Keyes in Saudi Arabia). We also began a renovation of our department office and other facilities; more on this in our next issue.

Thank you again to our alumni and other friends of the department!

Irving Herman, APAM Chair


APAM News: Fall 2008, Vol. 3 Issue 1

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