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Our department warmly welcomes our new undergraduate and graduate students, postdoctoral scientists, and research scientists to APAM, and hopes that each of you has a splendid career and life here at Columbia! We are very proud of each of you. (We are very proud of our continuing students, scientists, staff, and faculty, and of our alumni and friends as well!)

This issue details the awards and honors bestowed upon our faculty, research scientists, and graduate students, including Steve Sabbagh, Adam Sobel, Pavol Juhas, Andrew Ying, Arunabh Batra and Teresa Fazio! We profile visits from old friends and alumni, and articles about Adrian Haimovich and Chris Scholz. We also highlight the ground-breaking paths set by Chris Wiggins, C. Julian Chen, Simon Billinge, and our Plasma Physics effort (in science and in long-distance running), and a historic landmark in the professorial career of Richard Osgood.

We mourn the passing of Art Nowick, a distinguished professor, and Stephen Schneider, a highly honored alum, whose brilliant science careers and service have and will continue to provide extraordinary inspiration for us all.

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Irving P. Herman, APAM Chair


APAM News: Fall 2010, Vol. 5 Issue 1

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