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We again welcome our new undergraduate and graduate students, postdoctoral scientists, and research scientists to the APAM Department. You will have a brilliant career and life here at Columbia!

This issue details the awards and honors bestowed upon our faculty, research scientists, alumni, and graduate students, including John Dwyer, Clara Orbe, Yutian Wu, Bahram Jalali-Farahani, Dirk Englund, and Guillaume Bal. We highlight the research of Aron Pinczuk and summer activities of our undergraduate, Julio Enrique Herrera Estrada, and proudly note that two of our adjunct faculty, C. Julian Chen and Edward Nickoloff, have just published superb textbooks. We are also very proud of the excellent performance of our medical physics masters students and alumni on the recent American Board of Radiology exam.

We welcome three new faculty this term: Katayun Barmak — the inaugural Philips Electronics Professor (a position established by Gertrude Neumark), Tiffany Shaw, and Vincent Duchêne. We sadly note that two of our distinguished faculty, Thomas Pedersen and David Keyes, have left us, but, on the bright side, they are maintaining strong ties to APAM as adjunct faculty. Finally, we look forward to two new professors joining us in January.

In addition to downloading our Newsletter from our website, you can now download “Did you know?” posters that highlight recent APAM faculty and alumni achievements and recognitions. (Did you know that Dr. Ralph Izzo, Ph.D. 1981 Plasma Physics, delivered the SEAS Class Day speech?)

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Irving P. Herman, APAM Chair

APAM News: Fall 2011, Vol. 6 Issue 1

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