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Dear APAM Family,

As I return to the department chairmanship this academic year, I can see up-close the outcome of the wondrous events that have occurred in APAM in recent years. There has been growth in the faculty, strengthening of each of our academic areas and of our administrative staff, and the graduation of stellar sets of students who are now embarking on the next steps in their lives and careers. I can also see great things in our future, which starts with the new class of students who joined us in September. I warmly welcome them. 

This issue brings you news of our applied physical and mathematical science activities across the full range of the department from the quantum interference affecting the conducting properties of single molecules, advances in ultrasmall/ultrafast optics and in new achromatic flat lenses, polymer coatings that enable building cooling, and the understanding and improving of battery performance, to the insightful recommendations for the future of burning plasmas and to field trips to acquire data for atmospheric and oceanic mathematical modelling. 

We welcome Prof. Kui Ren who joined us this term in our Applied Mathematics Program. We also welcome Kristen Henlin as the APAM Career Placement Officer, the new department position established to help our students find jobs and internships. Numerous faculty and students have received major, highly-deserved recognitions. Alumni have embarked on exciting new phases of their careers. Also, our faculty have successfully relayed their science to the general public through various media outlets. 

I wish all of you Joyous Holidays and a Wonderful New Year. 

Best regards, 

Irving P. Herman
Chair, APAM


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APAM News: Fall 2018, Vol. 13, Issue 1 

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