Field Report from Prof. Adam Sobel


Adam Sobel, Professor of Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics and of Earth and Environmental Sciences, has been on a month-long research cruise in in the western Pacific with APAM Ph.D. candidate, Zane Martin.

Below are photos of Zane with commentary from Prof. Sobel regarding their trip.

"APAM graduate student, Zane Martin, and I are aboard the R/V Thomas G. Thompson in the western Pacific (current location 12.7N, 136.4E) for the PISTON field campaign ( funded by the Office of Naval Research. Zane is assisting with a range of observations being taken from the ship, especially working with the Ocean Mixing team from Oregon State University led by cruise chief scientist Prof. Jim Moum, and also with radiosondes (weather balloons) and other atmospheric and ocean observing instruments."

I am one of several atmospheric scientists on board. Dr. Shuguang Wang (APAM ) and I are funded as part of the modeling team for PISTON, but I'm along also now to look at all the data coming in and interpret it, help with forecasting, and eventually our in-situ help inform our modeling work.

We sailed out of Kaohsiung, Taiwan on August 18 (1 week later than planned due to an engine problem on the ship that had to be repaired) and we will dock at Koror, Palau on September 10. Zane and I will return to NYC then. There will be another one-month cruise leg that will then leave from Palau and terminate in Kaohsiung; Zane and I won't be on it, but Earth Istitute postdoc, Ding Ma will be." - Adam Sobel

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