Focus on Egleston Scholars

Neel Rakholia, Applied Mathematics ‘16, from Rajkot, India, was named an Egleston Scholar. He is an Applied Mathematics major who minors in Computer Science and Operations Research. He has worked with Dr. Tess Russo at the Columbia Water Center (CWC) to analyze and model changes in groundwater levels in a region in India. On campus, he is involved with the Columbia chapter of Nourish International. He is also a part of Residential Incubator - a program intended to foster entrepreneurial spirit in college students. Neel has also represented India at several events including the International Junior Science Olympiad in 2009, World Robot Olympiad the following year, and International Conference for Sustainable Energy in Israel.

Larry Xiao, Applied Mathematics ‘17, from Plano, TX, was named an Egleston Scholar. He spent two years studying at the Texas Academy of Math and Science (TAMS), where he discovered his interest in the intersection of engineering and social entrepreneurship. During his time at TAMS, Larry did research in a materials science lab, investigating the chemical modification of natural fibers in polymer-based composites. As a result of his work, he has been recognized as a semi-finalist in the Intel STS Competition while also holding multiple publications in international journals. His experiences in the lab have helped him realize that his passions lie elsewhere, enabling him to pursue his interests in other academic fields. At Columbia, Larry is majoring in Applied Mathematics with the hope of creating a positive social impact for those who are less fortunate.

The Egleston Scholars Program is a comprehensive four-year program designed to support and enrich the undergraduate experience of the most highly accomplished students through select access to resources within Columbia Engineering, the University at large, New York City, and throughout the world. The Program makes available a stipend to support each scholar’s academic and professional goals, numerous research opportunities, faculty mentorship, enhanced team advising, as well as the opportunity to participate in the larger community of the Columbia Undergraduate Scholars Program.

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