HackNY: Fall 2010 Hackathon

HackNY‘s fall 2010 hackathon took place on October 9, 2010 at New York University’s Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences. The hackathon, which was attended by over 200 students from 33 universities, was the grand finale of the NYU Startup Week (a student organized series of events and panels and hosted by Tech@NYU).

Prof. Chris Wiggins, along with Hilary Mason (bit.ly) and Evan Korth (NYU), founded HackNY in February 2010 and held the first hackathon this past April. Winning teams were selected to present their hacks to more than 700 people at a New York Tech Meetup.

Fourteen companies, such as Aviary, Meetup, and Drop.io, were on hand to demo APIs and datasets to students. David Tisch (TechStars New York), Christopher Poole (4Chan‘s), Rich Frankel (Track.com) and Michael Myers (Examiner.com) were just some of the volunteer ambassadors available to answer programming questions. Fueled by snacks and caffeine, students hacked all night, working right up to the very end of the 24-hour deadline.

Matylda Czarnecka from TechCrunch reports “From Columbia University, Kui Tang, Zhehao Mao, Tanay Jaiburia, Sid Nair, Cecilia Schudel and Moses Nakamura are building a recommendation engine for groups using Hunch’s API as a solution to the tedious question of ‘where should we all eat tonight?’ The hack assembles the tastes of each group member, balancing them out to recommend something everyone can agree on. The group plans to place more weight on dislikes than likes to avoid suggesting anything a group member might loathe.”

For more information about this year’s hackathon, see: http://hackny.org/

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