Katz Featured in DEIXIS

Richard Katz, a graduate student in the Departments of Earth and Environmental Sciences and Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics, was written up in the DOE publication DEIXIS for his work on simulating subduction zones, where the ocean floor is deflected below the continental plates.

Katz uses the software library PETSc for his cluster-based simulations, but his research also involves contributing a new software module to PETSc, to handle Lagrangian derivatives, which are fundamental in many geophysical models. Katz, a fifth-year student, is one of Columbia's three DOE CSGF fellows. Etay Ziv, an M.D.-Ph.D. candidate studying computational biology in APAM, began one of the prestigious four-year fellowships last year (fewer than 20 awards out of several hundred applications).

For more information, see DOE Lab Research

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