Keyes, Spiegeleman, and Weintsein Serve on Faculty Panels

Prof. David Keyes and Prof. Marc Spiegelman were 2 of 4 faculty panelists at a special program created by Columbia’s NSF-funded ADVANCE Program on January 19. The ADVANCE program works for the promotion of women into faculty positions in science and engineering and also counsels junior faculty on the tenure process at Columbia. Prof. Keyes spoke about professional societies and networking while Prof. Spiegelman focused on proposal writing vs. paper writing.

Prof. David Keyes and Prof. Michael Weinstein were 2 of 6 faculty panelists chosen to speak at a program hosted by Columbia’s Center for Career Education to counsel graduate students about applying for post-doctoral fellowships and faculty positions, and preparing their resumes while still students for such future applications. Approximately 100 graduate students attended the event.

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