Lidofsky Heads Program in Public Service

Engineering Professor Heads Program in Public Service
Columbia Daily Spectator, Volume XCVII, Number 11, 20 September 1972, p. 3

Professor of Nuclear Science and Engineering Leon J. Lidofsky has been appointed director of the engineering school's Program in Engineering Education for Public Service.

The program was established at the school last spring with a $330,000 grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.

When the program was established, the foundation said it would aid in the development of "social engineers" capable of solving a broad range of urban problems. Under the program, students will study problems in the New York City area such as energy supply and demand and transportation.

Professor Lidofsky commented that, "We have the duality of engineers not involved in social problems and non-engineers making social decisions. It is this general situation we wish to attack."

Wesley J. Hennessy, dean of the engineering school, commented yesterday that the purpose of the program "is not to solve urban problems but to create in engineers a greater awareness and sensitivity of what community needs are and to teach them how to work with community leaders."

Dr. Lidofsky has in the past served on nuclear advisory groups for the Atomic Energy Commission and the National Research Council.

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