Lipat Wins NASA Earth and Space Science Fellowship

Bernard Lipat, an Applied Mathematics graduate student, was awarded a NASA Earth and Space Science Fellowship beginning September 2015. There were 391 applications in Earth Science Research, 64 of which were selected for award.

The title of his proposal was “Quantifying and Understanding Linkages between Clouds and the General Circulation”. Lipat’s advisors are George Tselioudis (NASA GISS & APAM) and Lorenzo Polvani (APAM) and the goal of his research project is to understand the natural co-variability of clouds and the general circulation of the atmosphere as a step toward predicting their coevolution under anthropogenic forcing.

Lipat says, “Due to the wide range of physical scales involved, clouds cannot be fully resolved in climate models and so are parameterized. Model biases in cloud processes of the current climate are strongly linked to model uncertainty in predictions of future climate. To study how clouds and the general circulation affect one another, I am performing observational

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