Medical Physics Journal Club

Medical Physics graduate students, Michelle Cloutier and Miriam Klein, presented a report on the article, “Endoluminal high-dose-rate brachytherapy for early stage and recurrent esophageal cancer in medically inoperable patients,” (Michael R. Folkert, Gil’ad N. Cohen, Abraham J. Wu, Hans Gerdes, Mark A. Schattner, Arnold J. Markowitz, Emmy Ludwig, David H. Ilson, Manjit S. Bains, Michael J. Zelefsky, Karyn A. Goodman, Brachytherapy, 2013 Sep-Oct; 12:5, pp. 463-70) at the Medical Physics Journal Club meeting on 02/19/16.

Gil’ad N. Cohen honored the program by visiting the meeting and contributing to the discussion. The host of the session, Professor Marco Zaider, concluded that the meeting was a great success.


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